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This website is dedicated to those who love anime, manga or games. And those who claim themselves Otaku, we might share the same interest, so let out all your ideas and comment here. This group also wants all of its members to let out all of their creativity inside them. By Otaku, for Everyone!

Welcome, everyone! This is the place where we will show to all of our fantastic reader the feature and function of our webpage so that you can fully enjoy the experience when browsing our webpage.

It is simple, really. If you notice, there is a list of pages that you can see below the header. You can click on it to show the respective pages it belongs to. The 'Home' page will automatically direct you to the homepage of the Otaku Club. Here, the latest post will be displayed and you can click to read more ( and give comments!).

The 'About us' pages will show you a little information about the Otaku Club. It is a simple introduction and a starter so that you can know us well.

Next, the 'Anime' page, which will direct you to a page where a list of anime that had been reviewed by us. Old or New anime, you can read to your heart desire. You could also view our weekly anime montages here.

The 'Games' page will direct you to a page where a list of games from different type of console, new or old. You can click on any of the review so that you can judge on it yourself, whether it is good or bad.

The 'Touhou' page will be the place where you could read the in depth reviews for the touhou games by one of our hardcore Touhou player. While the 'Light Novel'section is the place where one of our writer discusses some of the translated light novel for you avid readers to enjoy.

Then, the 'Art Gallery' page is the place where you can see a collection of arts made digitally. A beautiful gallery indeed. Also, you can give any critique and make a request here! Next, the 'Otaku Media' page. This is where all the other stuff is located. Video, Images, News, all will be placed here so that you can enjoy every inch of our webpage. There is also the 'Anime picture gallery' page, where you will be directed to a page that shows a list of anime picture gallery that you can view. You can find all the high quality picture here, use them if you want to and ask for more!

Wait, there is more! The 'Anime Figure' page is the place where you can view the awesome gallery of anime figure in high resolution!  Then, there is the 'Tabletop Wargaming' page, where you can find a lots of info and progress on Tabletop miniatures, mainly about Warhammer 40k.

Finally, we have The 'MiMoe project'. Rocks, cute girls and geology. Combine them all together and you have mineral moe project. It's a new way to learn and having fun at the same time. It's a new project by the Otaku Club. Check it out!

Well, that's it for introduction. We will be really glad if this information is helpful. Feel free to comment, and don't forget to follow us! Thank you for supporting the Otaku Club!

By Otaku, For Everyone.

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