Sunday, March 21, 2021

Speedrunning Touhou 10


Back from the death, I have once again played touhou... somewhat. It is an event happened back in 2019 in Touhou Cannonball discord server (now named Touhou Mobage due to the said game server have ended it's services).

A conversation happened among the members on how a glitch have made one of the touhou game, specifically Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith a lot easier. One of the attack pattern of Marisa will have insane DPS under the given condition:

  • Unfocused shot
  • Power level between 3.00 and 3.95

The product of the glitch is rather hilarious to see since the DPS is just insane. Imagine boss' spellcards getting captured up to 5 times quicker compared to when playing the usual way.

While trying out that glitch I challenged myself to do a 0 death run and this video is the result of it. 

If I still have the momentum I would continue with the extra stage run using the said glitch. Hope you enjoy and thanks for being here. Also, if you are interested in the said discord server, you can join it by using this link. There is a community where you can talk about related to touhou project. 

Extra note: Touhou 18 is coming soon so I might check it out. Ciao

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