Saturday, March 27, 2021

Speedrunning Touhou 10: Extra Stage

Keeping up the momentum, I made a quick video on using the glitch to clear the Touhou 10 extra stage. While I did give it a try before, it was a rather sloppy run and would made a bad example of a replay so I tried doing it again. It's not perfect because I am not that good at dealing with survival spellcards but i still did miles better than my initial run. 

There are plenty of tips that I add as overlay text in the video so for those who are new to danmaku can give it a shot. Maybe you can made a first clear on a touhou extra stage. (extra note: Touhou 10 is also the first extra stage I have ever cleared). Here's the replay of it

With this out of the way, I will be doing Touhou 18 demo clip soon since the it got released on stream earlier this week. That's it for today. Ciao~

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