Friday, July 3, 2020

Kakushigoto : Fatherly Love Always Gets Me

Phew. Here we go. Hello peeps. Wolvenciel here. Yes I'm still here. I think even the blogmaster would be surprised I'm still here. Anyways, I'm gonna talk about this warm-hearted feels-good gag anime I found a few days back, Kakushigoto (Hidden Things).

So What's He Hiding

This anime is a very slice of life kind of gag anime about a manga artist trying to hide the fact that he draws manga for a living from his little daughter. You shouldn't really be ashamed of what you do for a living but... this guy draws a dirty joke gag manga called "Balls of Fury" so I do kind of get him.

Yes, as he said, it's not like he's drawing One Piece or Anpanman.

It's even harder for him as he's a single parent too. So he goes out to work in a businessman suit and changes into his sloppy manga artist shirt in a nearby tailor shop. It's very over the top and dramatic the way he tries to hide what he's doing to his daughter.

He is very good-looking though I'll tell you that. And people often mistake his intentions too.

 So What Are My Thoughts?

I approached the anime thinking it to be this super lighthearted kind of story with just Kakushi and Hime going about their lives but I was proven wrong when it started off with the premise that the anime is the past. I don't hate it though. Gives me the sense that there's something else the story is hiding and revealing to me slowly as the story goes by.

Yes he didn't wanna reveal his name because he's afraid his name would be all over the local papers saving a cat from drowning.

Their daily lives are also very interesting as its not just straight up gags. The show does a really good job of showing how this father struggles to keep his precious daughter happy and oblivious to what he's doing most of the time. It also presents the side of Hime who is very attached to her father and the anime shows it in a very subtle way too.

She drops these lines and sometimes a little frown here and there ever so slightly. It's cute.

The opening and ending soundtrack of the anime is great too. It really does give you the whole "flashback" feel to it and as my little brother say, has a little hint of sadness in it.

There are also these stupid references of popular manga of the time.

Expect this much gag from the show. Yes. This much. In case you didn't get it, the dog is clearly a Mutt. There's no way in hell its a Chihuahua.

I Also Kept Some Stuff Secret

I'll admit, there are a few things I skipped over in terms of what I think of the show but I'll sum it up in a sentence. Its not just a simple gag show and it got me real good. I definitely recommend you guys checking it out. It's good fun and it definitely isn't shallow either. It's a must watch especially for those looking to scratch that slice of life itch.

So if you're still here, do give me recommendations of what I should review next and definitely tell me what I'm lacking right now as well. I'll always appreciate the feedback. I'll try to make Saturday my upload day as well. For consistency.

Wolvenciel, signing off.

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