Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Love Is Like A Cocktail: Sweet Diabetic Alcoholic Attacks

Uh. Hi. Fancy seeing you guys here. Its me again, Wolvenciel. Back at it with more monthly delayed reviews. Well. Mini review I guess? Because its a mini-anime a sort. But trust me. Its short, sweet and super cute to boot.

This is the wife, Mizusawa Chisato. Absolutely my type.

Love Is Like A Cocktail or Oosake (I'm calling it that for this review) is basically just a short 3-minute anime about a woman who goes to work and comes back home to her stay-at-home husband/personal bartender to be fed homemade cocktails. Seems too simple? Well I like my diabetic attacks. And this show hits you at all the right points.

This is the husband, Mizusawa Sora. The bartender-at-home.

Most times the show starts off with Chisato working or coming back home to Sora and he serves her cocktails of his own makings. Now there are two things about this show I just can't help liking. The fact that its mushy as hell just because it wants to and the fact that its focused on the drinks. Now if you're familiar with this site you might have seen me post a certain anime called "Bartender" in a review. I absolutely adored it, and I adore this show for the same reason as well.

First Sora showcases the drinks he's making for her.

I myself don't drink but I find looking through all the possible different beverages you can make at your home something very different from the "Bartender" anime which focuses on drinks you order at a bar. And the fact that Sora serves them privately for his wife after her long day at work just feels so... homely to me.

Then you'll be seeing this sequence pretty much every single episode. The gulping. 
Untying her hair.

Removing her glasses.

And swooning over her husband's lovingly crafted cocktails.

If you're wondering about the drinks, yes they even show you how to make them (roughly I guess no detailed instructions on how to mix the ingredients or whatnot but I'd imagine the simple drinks that Sora makes should be fairly easy to figure out. Or you can just hop on to the net and find out yourselves)

The ingredient sheet right afterwards.
*P/S: Consume alcohol responsibly.

A little warning though. If you're going through a break-up or a lonely phase I... suggest against watching this. Might make you feel worse and get you into the "happy people can explode" mood. The show bombards you with so many of these cozy lovey dovey stuff it just makes your heart go "kya" and "kyun" most of the time. Even if its just for a short 3 minutes. So yeah. If you have spare 3 minutes in your schedules give this show a watch. Tell me what you think about it!

Their wedding picture.

Oh and the ending song is catchy as well. That's the cherry on top in my opinion.

This is Wolvenciel, signing off.

Another P/S: I got hooked on to playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne. That was the reason behind the delay. Honest.


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