Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Bokurano: Its Mecha, Its Slice of Life, Its... Wholesome.

It has been a year. A year and a few days to be exact. I was settling down on my new job and I just lost grip of the whole writing thing altogether. But hey. To those still waiting for my dumb reviews, welcome. I'll try to stick around longer than a few posts this time around. I have the tools for it now.

You can pretty much feel that its an old anime from this title

Anyways, Bokurano a.k.a. Ours is a 2007 anime produced by Studio Gonzo. Some might recognize the art as being super similar to Evangelion and that is because former members of Gainax teamed up and formed this Studio. I was recommended this anime by a friend of mine many months back and just only got to watch it now. Yes I was that busy with work.

15 Kids. 8 Boys, 7 Girls

Bokurano tells us the story of a group of kids going to a summer nature school and stumbling upon something that comes as a little bit off as far as introductions go. They met with a person who calls himself Kokopelli that offers them a chance at play-testing a game he was developing which involved them defending the Earth from 15 enemies that will come and invade Earth. Of course being the young, foolish and adventurous middle-schoolers that they are, they accepted.

This is Kokopelli

Soon after, Kokopelli showed them the ropes and disappeared as he defeated the first of the 15 enemies.

Not Your Average Mecha

If you want to give this a try, do it without the fact that it's a mecha anime. Because its not too focused on that. I mean yes, the story revolves around the mech but even more so towards the 15 individuals chosen to ride it. Its more akin to slice of life in that sense. Every episode is filled with each character's personal feelings, their problems, aspirations in life and the small things that they come to know and appreciate.

13 year old kids in robots

Its because of this fact that event if there are 15 pilots, I am damn willing to bet you will remember each and every single one of them throughout the anime. In the beginning they do come off as bratty (I mean come on they're 13 years old) but you can see each of them grow in their own ways and their respective stories progresses.

Each person will have their own mark when they become the pilot for the mech

This is what Bokurano excels at. Jabbing at you with these small details of these young kids.

Black Devil, Zearth

That is not to say this anime has no actual mecha fights. Sure they're not ridden with special effects and high quality graphical details but each and every single fight carries weight in them. 

This fluffy sack of crud is gonna annoy the heck out of you guys

As you watch the show you'll come to understand the pilots' motivations and their reason for fighting. These are the focus of the fights themselves. Each step and each punch the mech makes represents their pilots to their core. You'd have to watch it yourself to fully understand what I'm blabbering about. I can't quite describe it in words alone.

Something to ponder about.

Oh. Yeah. There's also political intrigue in this I guess. A little. It doesn't really affect the story line too much like it does in most other mecha anime so I wouldn't put too much attention to it. Negligible. So if you hate old conniving underhanded schemers (e.g. Shinji's Dad), no worries. None of that stuff here.

You'll Need To Watch To The End

I can't stress this enough but the anime just flows nicely and ties everything up in the end perfectly. Things might not go about how you expect them to be but by Jove I promise you it ends beautifully with maybe just one or two questions still lingering in your mind and I think that in itself is pretty good for a mecha anime.

A little sneak peek of the mech

Its an awesome wholesome anime and I think that even if you do end up feeling a little bittersweet as you watch it, its worth it. Make some time and go watch Bokurano. Or suggest me something better to watch.

Wolvenciel, signing off. Hopefully just for the week.

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