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Full Time Magister: The Title is Totally Unrelated to The Story

Hey there boys and girls. I'm probably back from the dead now. For better or for worse I guess. This is Wolvenciel here bringing you a brand new review on something you probably have never even heard of before.

Now before you proceed, I'd like to put out something first. If you're one of those guys who watch anime with quality in mind, I'd suggest you skip this. More often than not I review underdog anime with sub-par animation quality and this one by far takes the cake for being one of the worst (adhering to the fact that its made in 2016).

Let's get to it then.

The Gist of Things

Quan Zhi Fashi or Full Time Magister is a Chinese anime made in 2016 and fully subbed by a handful of independent subbers on YouTube and edited by Mizurex33 (you can check their channel on YouTube). Its about a boy who accidentally transformed the world he lived in into one of a magical nature (technically everything is the same but with magic and monsters).

Poor guy LOL

To simplify things, its like the whole world switched its concept of knowledge to "magic". Say if you're smart and gifted people would revere you and all that. Same thing with the magic world. If you're dumb that means you got no magic.

His dad is super supportive though

Real World Issues

The interesting part here that got me hooked at the beginning of the anime is that most of the conflicts and struggles in the anime are pretty damn realistic. The main character starts off in a rut and he has to work really hard to get into a good high school. He's from a poor family so his father has to sell off the house and work a backdoor deal with an old friend to secure a place for him in high school.

See that. Magic gives you a future

He's also persecuted by his friends for being an underachiever and still having the balls to use connections to get into high school. Thing is, he actually wants to study. Really much so that he actually kept quiet and took all the crap people around him said and did to him and his father. All in the name of studying (magic).

This is definitely true anywhere I guess

This setting might not be familiar to some of you but in my country, it definitely is. So it kind of pushed my buttons a bit (not the magic part, the studying part lol)

Still Quite A Generic Fantasy

Other than that, everything else is pretty much similar to most fantasy anime I guess. The usual "1 in a million" factor. The "unique artifacts" that only the main character has on him. The usual "zero to hero" journey and all that. Pretty standard stuff I guess. But hey. Some people enjoy the generic stuff so I won't say its bad or anything.

1 in a thousand factor right there

The Sub-setter

Yes. That is not a joke. I am going to elaborate a bit about this. The one other thing that made me continue watching this anime is the subtitles. By the gods it is one of the most perky piece of work I've ever seen in ages. Sure I've seen some lazy subs over the course of watching subbed anime and even worse, machine-translated box sets. This person (or persons) has got to be one of the best in terms of fooling around with them.

They also use "pleb" and "scrub" as well

I know there are tons of other prominent subs out there which does these kind of things as well. Its just that I haven't come across them yet.

P/S: There's one such sub posted on our Facebook page on a Konosuba OVA sub.

The jokes that the sub-setter put in their subtitles really made my day (though some of you would consider them lame) and I just want to give them my kudos. I hope they'll sub the second season if it does come out.

Not A Full Timer Yet

I guess these Chinese anime either have really exaggerated titles or the translator screwed up his translations somewhere because in my eyes, this is a story about a part-time magister. He's juggling school and magic at the same time. I mean really.

I laughed too hard at this (Mightyena is a pokemon reference)

Or maybe they're referring to him studying magic full time. I don't know.

All in all, a decent setting and a pretty generic story line. Avert your eyes from the jarring quality and instead focus on the realistic setting of the anime (at the start) and you're set. I'd probably not recommend this as a must-watch but if you're trying to burn some time while waiting for the next anime update, give this one a go.

Wolvenciel, signing off.

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