Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Character profile - Amphibole

Amphibole is technically a mineral supergroup, consists of inosilicate minerals with different proportions of sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), iron (Fe) and magnesium (Mg), which substitute for one another in its crystal structure. There are varieties of amphibole exist in nature, from Tremolite, Actinolite, Hornblende and even (no kidding) Cummingtonite.

In the Mineral Moe universe, Amphibole is a unique character. She is not in fact one, but several minerals together joined in a single body. As such, she can blend herself into varieties of amphiboles constituent, making her an ideal spy. She looked carefree on the outside, but don't let her look fool you because she might be hiding something else in her sleeve.

On account of the wide variations in chemical composition, different amphibole members vary considerably in properties and general appearance. They can be green, black, colorless, white, yellow, blue, or brown. It could also show a prismatic, granular, acicular and even fibrous habit. There is no twinning under thin section but shows a high order of birefringence. Her eyes can changes into varieties of colour, as different amphibole members have different pleochroism. All in all, she is a significantly complex character to design; to have a number of mineral member features, all incorporated into a single individual.

"The best lies about me are the ones I told."

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