Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tokusatsu Tabloid: Chaser Saga Ain't For Kids

Hi there guys... Uh... Long time no see. I'm firing off from where I left almost a month ago (well now it kind of seems like I'm doing this on a monthly basis huh). I have never done a tokusatsu* article before so here goes nothing.

p/s: I am assuming any and all reading this knows about Kamen Rider Drive and all its weird terminologies. Sorry.

*Tokusatsu means special filming in japanese but here I'm just talking about Kamen (Masked) Riders

What's Chaser Saga?

For starters, Chaser Saga is like a mini episode for one of the characters in Kamen Rider Drive, Chaser. It happens in between the series and is more like a special filler or fan service for people who can't get enough of Chaser and his killer looks.

He's not super handsome but at least he's better than RoboCop right?

The Problem

The one thing missing from good ol' Chase is that he has no emotions. He's kind of like Robocop but very very handsome. So people kind of viewed him as some sort of a weirdo human-faced asimo. Of course he didn't really get this concept as he doesn't have emotions.

Yeah look at that face. Is that an emotionless face?

He does kind of sort of gets it when people called him a doll though I really can't say he is totally emotionless. I mean if he is, he wouldn't have been so insecure and worried about the people around him. I mean really, those things doesn't spell "justice", it spells "emotions".

Yeah he was also the roidmude RoboCop for a while I guess. (as you all know)

Colorful Characters

Because this movie/mini episode centers around emotions, there are a lot of colorful characters included. There's the three main roidmudes from the series; Heart, Brain and Medic. I'm pretty sure no one gets bored looking at these three. At least I didn't. Especially Medic. Sweet Medic. Ahem.

Look at that ADORABLE face. Damn. 

There is also one special cameo appearing in the episode that most of you people would recognize immediately once you see the screen capture. If you still don't, you're worse than a casual. That, or you don't watch Kamen Rider.

So can you guess who it is?

Parental Guidance Definitely Needed

Now if you watch a lot of Kamen Rider, a lot of them are pretty much red. Well, in this case, something else is red. And jarring for that matter. I have never seen so much blood in one Kamen Rider show, Never. Sure I don't watch all of them but boy this is just too much. I don't think its appropriate for kids at least.

Not this one. This is just a little blood.

There's also... some very very subtle sexual innuendos inserted in the movie. It was one scene but it implied something... sexual. Yes there's also Medic showing her cleavage but that's not really... that... inappropriate... I guess... Ahem.

So he scraped that feather out of his chest using a knife. Imagine the amount of blood gushing out. IMAGINE.

So yeah. Definitely not for kids. This one episode at least.

Rhino + Gold

Enough of that. Let's talk about the suit. Chase gets a new roidmude form in this episode and you'd think a golden rhinoceros concept would look awesome as a roidmude. You thought wrong. They just up and colored Chase's old form gold and added a funny-looking horn on his gun.

The shift car looked cool

Frankly, I was disappointed. The only thing that saved me was Chase's sweet smile. And Medic's cleavage.

The form, not so much.

I'm Still Rusty

So yeah. This is like another practice run for me I guess? Sorry if it wasn't much of a review. I'm still warming up my engine. Look forward to my next review though.

Guess who's reading these?

Because so many people read up on my Shadowverse review, I'll be reviewing the new Tempest of the Gods expansion coming up in a couple of hours. So look forward to that, yeah?

Its this cute girl. So cute. You just need spectacles and you're set, woman.

Wolvenciel, signing off.


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