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Winter 2017 anime watchlist

Happy new year everyone! And together with the new year, come the new season of winter anime. My first post of the year will feature some of the anime that I'll be following for the rest of 3 months. It's not a full lengthy review like what I usually do, but rather a short one to describe my general overview of the show. Now then, without wasting any more time, let's get on to it.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

One of the anime that I've been really looking forward to watch this season. It's just pure comedy gold. Kazuma is back, with his band of eccentric companions and now found themselves in a new adventure. Well, kinda. Being a comedy show as it is, things will never go their way. The show started off real fast right off the bat, by throwing Kazuma right into trouble and now he had to do something about it. It is nice to see that the anime still retain its fun and enjoyable tone. The only thing that bugged me is how the animation quality dropped off by a significant bit compared to last season. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to continue watching it every week.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

It's been a while, and Ao no Exorcist is back again, from the dead. I vaguely recall of what happened in the first season since its aired 6 years ago. One thing for sure, they had the last arc of the previous season changed to make the sequel more consistent with the manga. The anime started with a really face pacing, in a way assuming that viewers already watched the first season. As such, watching the prequel is a must to actually understand the basic of the story. Heck, I had to check back and read the summary just to recall what happened last time. The hype for this anime died for me a long time ago, but I'll continue watching it just for the sake of completion and see where it's heading to.

Masamune-kun no Revenge

Typical romcom anime. The anime had a very generic cast; a main character that looks pretty much the same like every single fantasy battle harem protagonist, tsundere/hime-sama like main heroine, klutzy sidekick with dual personalities, etc. Despite having a mediocre setting, it is still rather enjoyable to watch and can have a decent plot twist at time. I don't really mind enjoying a romcom anime like this, and it does have a decent animation quality. I'll be picking this up to watch this season just because I'm curious on how they would make it a lot more interesting.

Akiba's Trip The Animation

Most likely the ecchi anime of the season. If stripping girls as a plot doesn't tell you what it is about, then I'm not really sure what else to describe this anime. I mean, it is literally in the title itself. It is adapted from videogames of the same title, but with different characters and its own standalone story. Surprisingly enough, the animation in the first episode is really smooth. BUT, all the episodes after that had a rather horrendous quality issues; so bad that I feel like poking my eyeballs with forks. The story is really bad too, to the point that I wonder why I still a haven't dropped this show already. I'll try to endure watching it for now, maybe because I am curious to see how bad it goes from here.

Kuzu no Honkai

If Akiba's Trip is an ecchi anime, Kuzu no Honkai is more of an erotic-like anime. Don't expect a romance anime with vanilla love story here, because the theme itself focuses on unrequited love. The first few episodes had a rather sensual scene, and I expect the story to have more later on. I have heard bad rumors of the source material, for having a rather terrible storyline, but nevertheless, I'll give it a try. The animation is nice, and the story does feel rather refreshing to watch; different from your usual romance anime. 


Another romance anime, but at least it is more vanilla this time. Or until stuff happened. Well, I won't reveal anything much, but let just say that I got spoiled on the internet and things will happen later on. Which is a shame because it pretty much killed off my excitement factor like a truck hitting me in the face. It had a rather decent music and animation, and so far it is enjoyable. Picking this up because I'm curious on how the anime itself will proceed. Is it going to have a different ending from the manga? Only time will tell.

Youjo Senki

My favourite anime this season to start with. The story is about a magical girl that is a psycho loli German Empire officer setting in World War 1 era of an alternate world. That description in itself should entice anyone to start watching it. I generally love historic world war anime setting, and I decided to pick it off right on the bat as soon as they announce the adaptation. The first episode started differently in the way it is more of a pilot episode that occurred later on, most likely just to give a taste of what the anime is all about. The second episode had a better pacing, and where the actual story begin. The animation is smooth (I adore on how they did the clouds, which is an excellent move given that most of the action scene involve airborne battle), and the music is fantastic (loved the OP by Myth & Roid). My only complaint is how they changed the character design from the light novel and mangas, which is a shame really. I doubt that would hinder my enjoyment for this anime significantly, and I'll be looking forward to watching this anime for the rest of the season.


More romance anime this season and probably my favourite out of the bunch. Seiren is an indirect sequel to Amagami SS, with the same omnibus style format where every girl will have their own routes. As such, everyone wins! They will feature 3 characters in the first cour, and the other 3 in the next. People will more likely pick their own favourite girl as the story goes, but remember; every girl is the best girl, and no one will judge you for it. The story retains its ecchi-like feature, and if you've watched Amagami before, you will know what to expect later on. Each character had their own quirks and qualities, so it's fun to watch. The animation is decent and the music is soothing. Overall a solid pick for people who enjoy vanilla love story.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai

One particular genre we have this season is the demi-human slice of life, where mythical beast looks like a human and live with them. Demi-chan wa Kataritai is one of them, and so far the anime is actually rather enjoyable. The character design is simple and cute, and the story is light-hearted. It doesn't take itself too seriously like most slice of life, with the only different having a rather eccentric cast which is a refreshing take on the genre. It's like Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, minus the ecchi and harem part. So far so good.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

The second demi-human slice of life anime, but with dragons. Or more accurately, a maid dragon if the title is not obvious enough. KyoAni went to a new style this time, with character design different from KyoAni design we knew before. It doesn't stop them from making a very high-quality anime, however, and they still excel in making a stellar animation. The story is indeed light-hearted but coupled with some high action scene in between (with animation quality you knew KyoAni is capable of doing so). I love dragons, and I love maids, and heck I would pick it up.

Gabriel DropOut

And yet another demi-human slice of life anime this season, featuring angels and demons. The only twist is that the angel behaves like demons while the demons would most likely pass as angels. We have the main heroine Gabriel who is basically Umaru minus the annoying part, Vignitte a reliable friendly demon who took care of the heroine, Raphiel a sadistic angel who enjoy tricking others, and my favourite one: Satanichia, a lovable idiot demon with part chuuni and part adorable. It's a very well done slice of life, with enjoyable character interactions and fun comedy. The animation is really good, with smooth and lively movement. One of the most enjoyable anime this season had to offer in my humble opinion.

Tales of Zestiria the X 2nd Season

Nothing much to say about the show since it's more or less the same as previous season. There is some development which is different form the original game, but the core story should be heading in the same direction (not that I actually finished the game). Still, it's by Ufotable, so the animation quality should be unquestionably good, even if the characters and the story are really cliche. Picking it up just because I've watched the previous one.

Urara Meirochou

More slice of life for this season, because there is never enough. Urara Meirochou is purely cute girls doing cute stuff, which include fortune tellings. This anime had a variety of adorable casts that would melt your heart and high sugar level that would cause diabetes. The character design, from their clothes and personalities, are very colourful. The anime uses its own distinct art and colour palette to complement with the setting, which is done effectively well. This anime is just what you need to brighten up your day.

Rewrite: Moon and Terra

Rewrite is back with a second season, now advancing to new routes. For people who doesn't play or finished the original visual novel (me included), the story feels rather confusing and the pacing is just horrifyingly fast. In a way, it is understandable since they had to adapt a rather lengthy visual novel and crammed it in 12 episodes or so, but nevertheless all the info dump can be too much to handle. I do enjoy watching the characters, and the animation is more or less decent, so it's worth a watch.


ēlDLIVE, to be honest is a rather mediocre anime at most. Space police to me is a very generic plot you could find, and the character tropes are very cliche. The animation and sound are also nothing special, as such I won't expect too much from the anime itself.  I'll try to continue watching the anime and see how it goes, and whether to drop it later on or not.

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari is how you would imagine if Lord of the Rings would have an anime. The anime started off with the bad guy actually triumph over the good guy, and the land is slowly turning into darkness. Yet per usual, that would not stop our band of heroes from trying to stop the villains, because hey, who else gonna do it right? It is a purely adventure anime set in the fantasy world (finally without the isekai elements) and a good one at that. The animation is really good, especially in every fight scene, and it feels like some kind of rpg video games at time. The movie version is basically the first 4 episode of the anime, so for people who have already watched it, just wait and skip to ep 5. Picked up because I really thirst for some good adventure anime.

BanG Dream!

One of the anime that premiered rather late this season. By the time I write this, there is only the first episode shown, so I can't really say much. Judging by the story itself, it looks like those generic girl band anime, maybe similar to K-on with a dash of Love Live. The main character is at least really cheerful, and her smile is something worth protecting. The animation is stellar, with the beautiful usage of lighting to enhance the beautiful art. Picking this up for sure.

One Room

The anime reminded me of Tawawa no Monday at some point, minus the jiggling mammary gland. However, it is different in a way that it feels like a visual novel where the viewer is the character which the characters interact to. A first person camera view was used so that viewers can directly see how it likes to have talk with an anime girls. It does have a really decent animation, and it is rather short; 4-minutes per episode, so I might as well pick it up.

Nyanko Days

A perfect anime to watch while waiting for Nekopara OVA to come out. It's all about cute, adorable cat girls, what could you ask for more? It's a really short anime, 2 minutes to be exact, which I really wish could be longer. Nyanko is adorable. Nyanko is love!

3-gatsu no Lion

Continue on from last season we have 3-gatsu no Lion. It's a really nice slow anime about a guy who has his own personal problem, but as each episode go the character develop more as he interacts more with people surrounding him. There are some depressing moments, followed by happy moment, so the balance is just right. The story main theme is all about feeling and journey of an adolescent growing up as an adult, so the mood can be rather heavy sometimes. It is however a really good and enjoyable anime, which to be fair feels really different from the generic show you have every season. The manga itself haven't finished yet, so I am rather interested in how the anime will end itself.

Nobunaga no Shinobi

Last but not least there is the short anime Nobunaga no Shinobi. I honestly didn't expect for it to have 2 cour and continue in this season. It is a fun, short anime however, and you got to enjoy a little bit of Sengoku era history with it. Plus, I always love kunoichi. 

Dropped anime this season: Hand Shakers, Idol Jihen, etc...

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