Friday, January 13, 2017

Ginga Kikoutai: I Can't See The Point

Hey there peeps. Wolvenciel here back after a month of idling and empty promises. So last year was a great one for Xebec due to the bizarre yet fun anime Keijo. I don't know why they did that anime but it worked and my boss can't help watching the parodies and the references in the anime.

So I'll be talking about yet another Xebec original anime (yes they're cool like that) and I'll just talk about what I think of the anime because this is like me warming up for future reviews.

The Fail Five

The anime tells us about five students from a special ops military academy called MJP and their exploits in helping the earth defend against alien invaders. Yeah the standard humans vs aliens kind of thing I guess. If anything, its a little bit overused but bear with me.

There's supposed to be one more but she's too big for the screen

So the anime kind of took a more light approach to the genre as the characters don't really portray how serious the situation is. I mean an alien race is trying to feed on humanity and they're too busy drawing manga, blabbering about guns, baking cake, making love, and best of all, having stomach pains. Even the ship crew didn't show any sign of severity of the issue presented right until the end.

Like so. Very light on your heart.

The show is very light on your hearts and sometimes make you wonder, is this the same studio that made Fafner.

Yeah they're all like this.

Awkwardly Awesome

The anime started off with a bang. Literally. Like if there was a "mecha fight award 2013" or something, this anime would be a very very very likely winner. Xebec has been making these things since the 2000s and boy, they get better every single time. If you're a mecha junkie and you can't get enough of laser beams and explosions, this is where you should go. Definitely.


HOWEVER. Let me remind you that most of the fight scenes DO NOT SHOW ANY seriousness at all. Nearing the end, sure, about five to six episodes. AND THAT IS IT. All the other fights are mostly just there to kind of flaunt the kick ass graphics and mechas that the universe has. And even then, there were a lot of foolish scenes in them.

Ship battles too I guess. But not as cool.

Its definitely fun to watch.

The mech design is nice as well

Villains? What Villains?

Okay. The anime is about alien invaders trying to feed on the genes of humanity. Yes you heard me right. They want the genes of humans to improve their own. But that's kind of it. Sure they show you the invader's side and a bit of their discussions and stuff. Again, its not much. Its shallow content. Its like they're there just to show a good fight and that's it.

And they're insignificant as well. So here's a picture of Boss instead. Hehe...

Even the so-called rival of the main character Izuru, Jiart doesn't really have that much screen time. By screen time I mean to characterize him. To give him more soul. Nothing.

A Season Two Maybe

The anime isn't bad by all means. Its just... I think it doesn't have a purpose. Yeah. It doesn't have any depth. Like its hollow. A beautiful majestic (not trying to be corny here) casing with nothing in it. My verdict would be:-

Watch it if you like mecha fights and mecha fights alone. No other reason to watch this anime, really.

Oh right. One VERY NOTABLE thing is that the anime has very good OSTs

Well then. See you in the next review.

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