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Acchi Kocchi: Best Ship 2012

Hey guys. Wolvenciel here. Always here but always late. I was a bit busy and a bit lazy and I kind of don't have my own laptop right now so its a mix of stuff. Excuses aside, This is yet another old anime that I think is golden among all them slice of life anime that actually carries romance elements in it.


Genre: Romance, School, Seinen
Episodes: 13 (including OVA)
Length/Episode: 25min per episode
Studio: AIC
Date Aired: 2012

You can't tell me that this isn't cute. It just is.


Okay. First of all, sure there are two other golden slice of life anime that are so popular among anime viewers* that are actually much much better at approaching this genre but I especially like Acchi Kocchi because it has that romance element in it.

I really don't think Io is oblivious. The one in spectacles is Io by the way.

Basically the anime is centered around a boy named Io and a girl named Tsumiki and of their daily lives here and there.

"Daily lives"... hehe... he...

Character Layout

Of course, Tsumiki and Io are the main characters and I love it when Tsumiki goes all needy and tsundere* around Io. The other characters look at Io as if he was oblivious but I really think that's not the case. He acts indifferent around Tsumiki but he never fails to show his concern and care for Tsumiki and that, in my opinion isn't being oblivious at all.

This is what she always does. God save me.

There are also a plethora of supporting characters like the crazy mischievous Mayoi and the timid naive Hime there to make the anime all the more cutesy (in more ways than one).

The two there plotting evil schemes is Sakaki and Mayoi.

Though there are numerous characters in the anime, most of the scenarios in the anime involves the five friends, Io, Tsumikki, Hime, Mayoi and Sakaki. That's kind of the main click for the anime so to say.

The clique playing air hockey.

Rough Plot Structure

There's no plot. Its a slice of life anime. They do random stuff each episode and each episode is divided into two segments. That's about it.

And a lot of Io handsome quotes to boot.

Weight of the Anime

Its... very fluffy. I mean, the anime is as light as it gets. There are no underlying messages or serious stuff going about. Just pure random slice of life with a lot of IoxTsumiki stuff inside. It's so sweet sometimes you just can't help screaming.

Its just the right amount of tsundere right there. Perfect.


As always, I'm not one to advise on the quality of the animation itself but the graphics style is very cute and adorable. And for some reason Tsumiki is always portrayed with cat's ears and cat-like behavior. So you'll see a lot of her biting Io and stuff. Trust me, they're adorable together. Even more so due to the art-style

Their teacher is so cute I wonder why she's still single.

Opening and Ending Songs

Both the opening and ending songs were sang by Io and Tsumikki's voice actors (if I am not mistaken). Yeah. The opening song is by both of them and the ending song was Tsumiki's VA, Ookubo Rumi.

In A Nutshell

In hindsight, Acchi Kocchi isn't actually all that different from your average chibi-styled* art slice of life anime. Its just that it really captivated me due to the pairing. Yes. It did. A lot.

Fun fact. Acchi Kocchi is a comic strip adaptation. Thus the cute art style.

So anyways. This is just more of my opinion anyways rather than a review. Acchi Kocchi is really fun to watch and I'd recommend it to everyone looking for cute romantic slice of life anime.

Next up I'll be reviewing one of my all time favorite anime. It'll leave you hot and dizzy when I'm done with that one.

Wolvenciel, signing off.

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