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Please Teacher: A Happy Birthday Post

Hey-oh! Its me again, Wolvenciel. I kind of stopped... posting. Well. Uh. No excuses there. But hey now I am. So sweeping that under the rug, this is not an All-Star anime of mine. Its... This is a show about my waifu*. Mizuho Kazami.

Yeah. They're cute together. I know. Sigh.

I'm doing this because its my birthday. Haha. Happy birthday me! Yay. (This... is kind of sad but oh well). So anyways. I'm celebrating by reviewing this very old anime.

*Waifu is a slang meaning a virtual wife or a character that you really like (If a guy, its husbando)


This was the start of it all. Steamy ain't it.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA
Length/Episode: 23 min/episode
Studio: Daume
Date Aired: Winter 2002


So the older ones should recognize this anime well because it kind of smacked so many Pocky boxes right in the viewers faces and I really did get hooked to them Pocky solely because my waifu liked it as well...

Yeah we all know its called that. 

The anime is about a Kei Kusanagi, a boy with a peculiar disease where he enters a comatose state if he gets depressed and the anime decided to wing it and call the phenomenon "stand-still". One fine day (it was at night though), he met a red-haired girl floating and sparkling on a lake and everything went way out of hand then and there.

Yeah. This happened. Sigh.

Character Layout

Kei is the main focus of the anime (even if the anime is titled Please Teacher!). I kind of see the idea that Kei is somewhat matured and level-headed (there are reasons for that and stating them here would be spoiling it) than the rest of his classmates but when he's alone with Mizuho he becomes a bit childish and pouty and he tends to act irrationally. Its kind of fun at times to see but he WILL come off as annoying and cringy in certain parts of the anime.

You'll be seeing a lot of him. Sure he wears spectacles too but...

Mizuho Kazami. Reddish-pink hair (or maroon I'm not really sure). Spectacles. A bit too serious at times. A bit too selfish here and there. Seductive yet still so cute. I can never get bored looking at her. Sigh. Anyways. There isn't much uniqueness to her in terms of anime characters, so to say. It's just my preference I guess. It's too bad she has Kei already. Sigh.

Look at her... So beautiful...

Other characters in the anime include Kei's group of friends, all with their own share of problems (except for that one normal person who lives a normal life away from all these anime weirdness) and as the anime progresses, their problems slowly become intertwined with both Kei and Mizuho and the two tries their best to assist their friends.

This is like her catchphrase by the way

Rough Plot Structure

The anime starts off with Kei meeting Mizuho and getting used to one another. Then it goes a bit off track with some mischief between two of the group's member. Approaching the end of the show, the anime delved into Kei's stand-still problem and ultimately solving it entirely in the end.
Yeah it started off without a problem and ended without much difficulty either. Its...a pretty normal plot so to say.

Sure its not totally normal but its not outstanding either for people who don't actually like Mizuho I guess?

Weight of the Anime

Okay. Its really average. I did fall in love with Mizuho but I'm not going to run off the fact that the anime isn't anything special. The show did try to approach the subject of depression and relationships as a whole but... its too superficial at best. Its stated in the show but there weren't any elaborations on the themes themselves and they weren't really clearly stated in the anime.

This was the justification for why he had the standstill. Part of it at least.

If you want to see some cute lovey dovey quarrels and Kei's awkward voice though, those are really enjoyable. I guarantee it.

See that. Such a cute worried face. Sigh.

NOT Kei's voice. The cute lovey dovey quarrels.

There it is. The mythological stand-still. Only in anime, people.


Considering the anime is quite old, the animation quality isn't top tier. I'm pretty sure most people would say that its bad. I really think I shouldn't review this anime. I'll end up praising Mizuho and Mizuho and Mizuho and nothing else.

Oh right. There's also Yamada sensei. I'd like to see his side story. He's interesting.

But anyways. Mizuho's mother is also something to look forward to.

Opening and Ending Songs/BGM

If you're accustomed to playing visual novels, then you'll feel the same familiar feeling when watching Please Teacher. The OSTs give off that kind of feel to them anyways. The opening song, Shooting Star by KOTOKO gives off a very romantic feeling despite the song being a bit upbeat itself. Plus it has a lot of great shots of Mizuho. The ending, Sora no Mori by KOTOKO and Mami Kawada gives off a more peacefully romantic vibe and listening to it to end the show really makes you want more Mizuho... Uh. Right.

This is Yamada Sensei after shaving his face up.

The Ending

The anime has a pretty satisfactory ending and its a really happy cute ending full of diabetes making you hate yourself for being born as a 3D person. Why can't I be born as Kei Kusanagi instead WHY GOD WHY. Ehem. I mean. Its a happy end. There's even an Original Video Animation as a cherry on top to sweeten the deal. Watch that as well. Its fun.

And these two as well. They crack me up so much. 

In A Nutshell

Please Teacher! by all means isn't outstanding. But it isn't all boring either. As you watch, you'll be swept away by the numerous problems popping up here and there due to stupid coincidences and look forward to seeing more Mizuho and hate Kei's weird voice for some reason.

He's not entirely wrong you know.

P/S: Apparently this anime got 7/10 in myanimelist. I'm impressed. Wow.

Oh and again. Happy Birthday to me. Wolvenciel, signing off.



  1. it's nice to see someone reviewing an old anime though, ah bring back memories... ��
    and uh happy birthday!

    1. Hahaha. This someone has been reviewing a lot of other older anime as well. And thanks for the wish. :)



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