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Light Novel: Leviathan of the Covenant

Title: Meiyaku No Leviathan (Leviathan of the covenant)
Author: Takedzuki Joe
Illustrator: Nimura Yuuji
Genre: Harem, Magic, Ecchi, Closet Pervert MC

World of Dragons and Serpents

I shall confer to you the power of dragonbane—the conqueror's runes that dragonkind unquestionably reveres and seeks out. The special privilege of the dragonslayer shall be bestowed upon you. 
It is a power that can exterminate even that dragon with ease. Hence, you shall now submit that stone and give up on dying respectably. 
Abandon living and dying as a mortal. Instead— 
You shall become a war god... Or perhaps the devil who will destroy the world. But should you lack the corresponding capacity, then you shall simply die pitifully. 
Form a covenant with me, brat. You shall become king—the one to rule over all 'serpents' in this world and bear the brunt of dragonkind's fear and hatred.
-Excerpt from Volume 1 chapter 3-

Hello, it has been such a long time I haven't post anything. This time I'm writing about a light novel that I've been hooked onto for quite some time. It is among a group of light novels that I called, Solomon Novel simply because King Solomon is mentioned in the novel.

From left, Hinokagutsuchi, Juujouji Orihime, Anastasya Rubashvili and Haruga Haruomi

A ruined world

This light novel is set in a world where human civilization has been destroyed by dragons and humanity rises again to rebuild their civilization over the ruins of the past. There are some parts of the world that has fallen to the dragon kings such as America that is occupied by Red Hannibal but some are just left alone with occasional raptor and elite dragon attacks. The dragons did not establish their own ruling in the area, they also did not take humans as slaves, they just go on rampage destroying human civilization for the fun of it. The dragon race are described as being hot blooded and loves fighting. They are also the embodiment of the shounen battle manga protagonists in term of hot bloodedness.

From left Red Hannibal (Dragon King of Rune of Spear), Yukikaze (Dragon King of Rune of Arrow) and Pavel Galad (Tyrannos of Rune of Sword)

The dragons or specifically elite dragons; dragons with limbs and wings, capable of speech and possesses high intellect are able to wield magic called the runes of Ruruk Soun. The strongest of this magic is the dragon-slaying magic capable of killing dragons with ease. These runes are classed according to the weapon their symbol take after. Those who possess the dragon-slaying magic are called Tyrannos (false king) and are destined to walk upon the path of kingship and those that managed to reach to master the power is known as dragon kings.

Orihime and her leviathan, Akuro Ou; Asya and her leviathan, Rusyalka

Luna and her leviathan, Glinda; Hazumi and her leviathan, Minadzuki

Humans, on the other hand developed magic and and dragon imitations, Leviathans in order to fight the dragons. The ones controlling the leviathans are young maidens called Witches. These witches work under an organization that deals with dragon related incident called SAURU.

From left, Luna Francois Gregory, Shirasaka Hazumi and Juujouji Orihime

Protagonist, a (false) dragon king?

The story follows the adventure or rather the turn of event that unfortunately befall our protagonist, Haruga Haruomi and the witches around him, Anastasya Rubashvili (Asya), Juujouji Orihime, Shirasaka Hazumi and Luna Francois Gregory. The story follows their journey after Haruga Haruomi (Hal) obtained a dragon-slaying rune, Rune of Bow from a deceased dragon king, the Crimson Queen now known as the ghost Hinokagutsuchi that accompany Hal's journey.

Rune of Bow

The story follows Hal and his friends as they fend off dragons' attack, facing against other tyrannos and Hal's journey in his path of kingship. As the story advances, Hal will gain more power as tyrannos and face the risk that comes with the power.

The risk of losing his humanity and turning into the very dragon that they fight against.

It is a good true harem story if you ask me. Because although it is normal for the girls to being possessive of him, there is reason that compel them to compromise with one another. And also, the personality of the MC is good, being closet pervert and all. He did admit it. Besides that, the way the inferior human (Hal) struggles against all of the troubles that come to him from the elite dragon Soth, Tyrannos Pavel Galad, Red Dragon King Hannibal, White Dragon King Yukikaze and Solomon-senpai (King Solomon) is worth the read.

I recommend it to be added into your reading list and that's all for this time. See you in the next post and happy new year.

*all of the picture in this post belong to its original creator.

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