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Web Novel: Godslaying Hero And Seven Covenants

Title: Kamigoroshi No Eiyuu To Nanatsu No Seiyaku (Godslaying Hero and Seven Covenants)
Autho: Umetane

Summoned to a different world-kind of story again?

The goddess Astrarea asked the 13 summoned heroes, what do they desire? 
The Brave said, I want an unbreakable will, not to lose to anyone no matter when. 
The Grand Magus said, I want god-like power, magical energy that can even create miracle. 
The Sorcerer said, I want an eye that can see the future, an eye that can change whatever unreasonable future that may come.
The Sage said, I want to use every magic that exists in the world, I want to be a magician that can use all kinds of magic.
The Monster Tamer said, I want friends, friends that will never betray me and always believe in me.
The Swordsman said, I want a sword, a sword that cut through anything, even fate itself. 
The Warrior said, I want the power to fight, to be able to use all kinds of weapon, I want to be the strongest warrior.
The Saint said, I want power to save others, a power that can heal wounds, a gentle power.
The Wiseman said, I want knowledge and technique, I want to create items that do not exist in this world.
The Cook said, I want to cook food that can bring smile to everyone's faces, I don't want power to fight, I want power to save people's hearts.
The Knight said, I want the power to protect my comrade, a power that can even protect the world, I want to become the strongest shield.
The Avenger said, I want power, simply pure power to defeat my enemies.
My, Renji Yamada's wish was really simple.
Yet it was very complicated, cruel and unbelievable wish that made even the goddess laughs loudly.

-Excerpt from the Web Novel translation-

This story is set in a typical fantasy world with humans, demi-humans and demons. The fantasy world consists of three continents; Imnesia, Ebenelm and Elfhim which are inhabited by humans, demons and demi-humans respectively. The humans worships the goddess Astraera, the demon worship the demon god Nayfel while the demi-humans worship the spirit god Zwenelia. It was passed down in the lore that the world was created by the 3 gods. The 13 heroes were summoned from modern day Japan to defeat the Demon God in order to bring peace to the the world. Each of them are given cheat ability to help them in their journey.


This novel does not narrate their journey to defeat the demon god like the classic "summoned to a different world to defeat the demon lord" troupe. This novel narrates the story 1 year after the demon god subjugation.

Hero after-story?

After the defeat of the demon god, the summoned heroes remains in the fantasy world and continue to contribute to the world. Their whereabout and situation are all known to the citizen of the except of Yamada Renji, he disappeared after the defeat of the demon lord and no one knows about his whereabout or situation except the remaining 12 heroes and the royal family of Imnesia. There are various rumors about him like "he is currently travelling around the world fighting demons", "he returned to his old world" and "he currently lives happily happily ever after with the goddess". All of this rumors born because for the world and the citizens, he is the strongest hero, the one the goddess love the most and he is the one that ultimately killed the demon god (as he is the only one capable of doing so).

The story starts in a rural village where our protagonist, Renji Yamada has brought himself to in his travels. There he met a young noble woman, Francesca Barton whom he saved from being killed by a group of goblins. The young woman is a student of Albana Magic Academy and was on a test for her graduation. The test was orc subjugation. It should be obvious that our hero, Renji Yamada conceals his identity but it eventually being revealed to Francesca when they fight against the orcs due to circumstances that forced Renji to use his power. After that, they continue their travel to the Magic City, the capital and so on while being reunited with Renji's previous party and comrades as well as meeting new acquaintances and comrades.

That's the general plot of the story as far as I've read. However, the true essence of the story would be the journey (I do not mean the physical journey here) and steps that Renji took along the progress of the story. Renji have a complex as being the weakest hero (and yes it is). He always compare himself to Souichi, The Brave and always have always stressed on the irony of his power. His strength and power is basically just slightly above that of normal person and his cheat is bind by seven covenants.

Right, let's talk about his power. Renji's wish for the goddess is to have power to kill gods, straight to the point, to enable him to just do what he needs to do. From my observation, this is due to his personality as being the adult male in the group, others are children and women. What the goddess give was part of her magical energy that took the form of a golden medal with a jade in the centre surrounded by 7 different coloured stones, Ermenhilde. During their journey to subjugate the demon god, Ermenhilde can take on the form of a beautiful woman with golden hair and jade-coloured eye. On a side note, Ermenhilde has a similar appearance to Astraera due to being half of her magical energy.

Renji and Ermenhilde.
Ermenhilde can take on any form of weapon as long as at least one of the covenant is fulfilled. However, Renji usually used it in the form of a long sword. The covenants binding Renji's power are:
  1. His will to fight
  2. Protecting someone
  3. Protecting a promise
  4. Death of a comrade
  5. Facing demon god or his decendants
  6. The blessing of Astraera (he needs to meet Astraera for this)
  7. (This is a spoiler that triggers the event of the story, see spoiler part below if you're curious)
As more of his covenants are fulfilled his power increases accordingly and Ermenhilde will grant him more jade-coloured magical energy (Renji have zero magical power btw). In his last battle with demon god Nayfell, he fulfilled all of his covenant and can fight on par with the demon god and even managed to kill him. However for him, his power is the reason for his belief that he does not fit to be called a hero. To save someone, he needs that person to be in danger before being able to use his greater power. To save someone, someone needs to die first. His power cause such irony and he has been saddened by this many times. However, his comrades always encourage him to see the bright side, rather than thinking of those that died, he did saved many more lives.

A New Journey

The story is basically of him, tracing back his past, going on a new journey to solve the instability due to the death of the demon god, meeting his past comrades, meeting new people, coming to term with his past slowly but surely along the way. It was a fun story, a sad tale at times, and an encouraging journey chronicle watching a wounded hero finding his way again.

For those that have not read it, have a go, some may like it some may not. And for the translator, thank you very much. (Below are some spoiler for those that want to know).

Extra Content: Spoiler

The seventh covenant is the death of Ermenhilde. That basically explains the inability of the current Ermenhilde to transform into a woman. Also, Renji calls the current Ermenhilde as Ermenhilde while the original one as Eru. The current Ermenhilde was created by the goddess as Renji begs for her to revive Ermenhilde. The story also starts from the his disappearance due to his anger for the death of Ermenhilde, he rampages around for about half a year before losing all energy and lives his daily life like explained in the story (at least not like how you would imagine a hero to be). Currently, he seems to be trying to move on as he saw Yuuichirou, The Avenger who also lost his loved one in the past journey now living together happily with his wife, his dead girlfriend's sister.

I also hope for the LN to have changes from the WN in some part, I do hope the WN ending do not happen in LN.

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