Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Soukyuu no Fafner Heaven and Earth: Abridged Edition

Hey guys. Wolvenciel here back from one hell of a road trip and out with a new (sort of) short review. I went to a temporary aquarium far in the boonies (for work reasons) and just to be clear this is one of those big aquariums. Ya know. With weird ass sharks and stingrays and things that makes you shiver just looking at the size of it? Those kinds.

Warning. Never watch this sub. Never. Go find it somewhere else.

I would share pictures but they're not of good quality and... don't expect me to take underwater pictures. I like fishes a lot but I'm afraid of them as well. That, and I don't have a diving license.

Something New

So Heaven and Earth acted as an epilogue to the ending for the Fafner series and it takes place 2 years after the whole "last assault" on the Festum (the alien race in this anime). It showed Tatsumiyajima Island recovering from all the damage and old destroyed fafners being restored and all sort of things.

This is the new point of view the Festums are looking for.

It sort of reveals a new point of view, that of a Festum and how they see the whole situation of the human world but ultimately of course, the anime is about Soshi and Kazuki (the two main characters) being reunited in the end.

Ultimately its about Soshi and Kazuki of course. Sigh.

I could see hints that the movie tried to show the implications of using nuclear weapons on all life but I really would have liked them to emphasize a little bit more on the topic. It just wasn't addressed as clearly as it should have been.

As always the animation was decent enough. Just... I wasn't satisfied with the story.

Unlike The Others

When I finished watching, I was a bit surprised. Like, I asked myself,"Wait. Is this Fafner?". Heaven and Earth had way too many plot armors (this means the characters are protected in conveniently unexplainable ways when they should have died) and to be honest I was a bit annoyed.

Plus the subs made it worse for me to watch this...

It was also a bit chaotic because they added all these new characters and tried to fit ALL of them in the story, give them some sort of aim and tried to make them move the plot forward. Suffice to say, it worked badly for the movie. It could seriously have been better had they just expanded on the original characters from the series. They'd have more room to explain a lot of things happening in the anime.

At least they made a bit of relation to the previous movie, Right of Left.

Keeping It Short

Its... barely short but there you have it. I wouldn't really recommend watching Heaven and Earth as it didn't really further anything from the main series and its hard to draw a relation to the movie itself even if you did watch the anime in the first place. There were too many unnecessary things being stuffed in the movie, making it hard to actually convey the things they wanted to.

Don;t lie Soshi, no one's going to die.

That and literally nobody died in this one. Not even a single Fafner pilot.

If you did watch Fafner though, feel free to holler me down below. I'd like to know what you people think as well.

P/S: Starting today, I'll be posting daily on past popular animes that people would already forget. So look forward to that. And I posted this late because I was playing League. Sorry.

Wolvenciel, signing off.

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