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Gingitsune: If Only It was 20 Episodes

Hi guys. It's Wolvenciel here with another slice of life anime review. Yeah for those who can't see the pattern, I alternate between slice of life and mecha anime (with a few random romances here and there) and most of the time I get blocks writing the former.

Oh and at least someone gave me a feedback. Personally, I mean. So I changed up the format a bit.

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Though, writer's blocks or not, here's Gingitsune.


That's me I guess. Sigh.

Genre: Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Episodes: 12
Length/Episode: 24:24 minutes
Studio: Diomedea
Date Aired: 2013


In the first minute watching the anime, I thought Gingitsune was going to have some sort of plot to it even if it was a slice of life anime. Turns out I was wrong. Gingitsune tells of a girl who lost her mother at an early age thus inheriting her mother's Sight (it enables the person to see deities and heralds of gods). This is when she saw and befriended the Saeki Shrine's herald, Gintarou, a silver fox (like the title says).

I always hear this kind of line in god-themed/related animes

THAT, is however just the backstory. After that it's about how Saeki lives her daily life as she encounters various kinds of problems (both from heralds and humans of course) and solves them with/without Gintarou's help.

Cute father though, haha.

Character Layout

The anime mostly focuses on Saeki who, in the beginning in my opinion is annoying. Yeah. She still is I guess. I... don't really like whiny pushy girls*. It makes me take pity with Gintarou just because she is. Have you ever watched Doraemon? She's somewhat like Nobita in the beginning, though she slows down as the anime goes.

Sure sometimes she can be cute, but still. Sigh.

Then there's Gintarou who's always lazy and laid-back but always has things on his mind. I really think that he has potential to grow in the anime, like sort of gain an importance to the story but it was kind of reversed. As the anime goes, he kind of falls off and just become a bystander instead. Sure he is a herald and all they do IS stand by the side but still. Ya know. The god damn title is "Gingitsune" for goodness sake.

Even their heralds think the gods are an irresponsible lot

The other characters in this anime are mostly there to add more taste to the slice of life I guess. They don't really go into much details with the side characters probably because the anime is 12 episodes. I'm not complaining. It's just... Yeah I'm complaining.

This girl THOUGH. Adds spice to my megane life.

*By girls I meant anime girls of course. I mean... How can I even meet real life one. (Laughs internally)

I mean LOOK AT THAT. Oh god help me.

Rough Plot Structure

I did say it had no definite plot didn't I? Well, the anime starts off with Saeki making friends here and there (again, both humans and heralds) then goes on to be the mellow, slow-paced slice of life anime that it is. No really. There was not much happening in the anime itself I guess.

I really thought there would be progress with this boy, but NOPE.

Weight of the Anime

If only the anime would expand more on the emotional conflicts of the characters, it could at least be of medium weight, in my opinion. But it doesn't. Most of the time people just smile away in this anime, it's pretty optimistic if you ask me. It's like saying, "Hey, relax. There's a solution to everything, so relax and take it easy".

Saeki's dad... Is like the most functioning side character in the anime... ahahaha.

I really have no qualms with that kind of outlook and to be honest I liked it just because it does that. The characters don't dwell too much into their problems more than they should and the side characters are also there to provide funny antics along the way.

It's nice.

Before anything, let me remind you that I am not a graphics whore. I don't really mind much of animation quality and I tend to only compare an anime between each of their own episodes instead of with other anime by other studios and all that. My outlook is that as long as its consistent with what it's doing, its fine.

One of the deity friends Saeki made

So Gingitsune doesn't really have much extreme movements in them so I don't really know what to say there. There aren't any awkward slip ups anywhere and overall I think it's how slice of life anime are, I guess? Fluffy and warm. Yeah. That's how I could describe the quality of the anime.

Like this scene right here. It seems so nostalgic to me.

But yes, in all actuality, the anime has decent art. I personally liked the scenes where the characters reminisce about their past as it really made them look nostalgic and you kind of get the atmosphere that it was in the past.

See. Even the driver is having a hard time not falling for spectacles-chan there.

I do love it when an anime sport a few good looking spectacles-wearing characters and this anime does it good. Wait should I even mention this here in this subtitle? Oh well.

The Ending

Well... It ends like most slice of life anime I guess. One of those neutral, no conclusion kind of endings. There wasn't a set plot to the anime itself so I guess I can't complain. But yeah. Nothing to take note of.

Scary girls are scary...

In A Nutshell

Gingitsune is a pretty textbook slice of life anime with a hint of supernatural I guess. It didn't regard the supernatural part much but its there. If you're looking for a break in between watching stressful dark stuff, you can try this one.

Looks a bit mature. But still. Soothes me so much.

As for why I decided to watch this, its because I am going to review another Fafner movie. SIGH.
Rate, give me some feedback and share this with people who you think feeds on the slice of life genres. I'm sure they'll love it.

Wolvenciel, forever waiting for feedback, (besides the blog master's) signing off.

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