Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Touhou Review: TH14.5 Urban Legend in Limbo

TH 14.5 Urban Legend in Limbo

Back from the dead, It's time for the successor of the Hopeless Masquerade, Touhou 14.5. This might be the first official touhou game to actually have ported on console which is PS4 this winter While sharing similar layout, there are some additions, art improvement, newly-arranged soundtracks and character balancing done to the game, there are also new characters that do not appear in the last game are now playable n this one such as Fujiwara no Mokou, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and Reisen Udongein Inaba (PS4 exclusive). Two new characters to the series are introduced as well which is Kasen Ibaraki and Usami Sumireko.

The story now starts when there are rumours related to urban legend began to spread at the human village. Later, occult balls (which the residents of gensokyo alled it) started to appear and this causes the girls started to investigate the matter. Somehow, the occult ball can severe the barrier between Gensokyo and the outside world and it is made by Usami Sumireko, an esper and also a highschooler from the outside world. Knowing the culprit, the girls, led by Mamizou would like to "scold" Usami by having all girls to scare her once she comes to Gensokyo. However during the process, Usami have obtained a lunar capital orb which is accidentally given by Miko due to its similar appearances as the occult balls and this causes Reimu to rush to Outside world to chase her back or else it would break the barriers not only between the Gensokyo and the outside world but other realms as well. 

Moment right before the final battle. Of course, Reimu saves the day.

Gamelay-wise, it has not really changed from the last game for the stages but same as how every touhou games are, it has its own unique minor mechanics in it. The player can stock up occult balls (which is obtainable in battle) to perform their own occult-based attacks. There are total number of 7 occult balls can be collected in a battle. Light occult-based attacks can be activated with Z+X button. Once the occult ball reaches a total of 4, last word can be activated with A+C button. Becareful because once the player started uses occult ball for attacks, it can be gone when upon hit by enemy so time properly for those attacks.

Full playthrough of Koishi's arc. To me, she is the easiest to play. Plus, she has been improved from last game which makes things even easier. Might be a good choice for beginners. And... Her sneez... I mean attacks is so cute !

One of the badass looking spellcards imo

ZUN sure have made another masterpiece because it is so well made. Art, effects, sound is all perfect for a 2D fighting game. Last word spellcards are all top notch (gotta love Koishi's last word) so i'll leave it to you guys to check it out yourselves. With multiplayer functions, this game sure will be one of the games selected for fighting game tournaments in ACG conventions. Plus, it has PS4 version coming soon so players will be able to experience the game more on its multiplayer functions.

Link to the game (Moriya Shrine):

There are now english language patch as well (Gensokyo.org):

Now marks the end for all touhou series review (so far). More guides on clearing the game will be posted so stay tuned.

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