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Seventh: As Far As I've Read (Spoiler)

Hi there, it has been a while since my last post. My post time is not about any new novel that I've read. The post this time would be about what I feel about the WN Seventh and a review on the story as far as I've read. Well, since I just read the translation by Yorai-kun, so it would be until about the same stage as what others that follow this story have read.

So, for those that do not want to be spoiled, this post is not for you. For those that do not mind spoilers and those that are following the story too are welcome to read. This is what I feel about the story, you can even share your opinion on the story in the comment section.

Now I don't know where to start. Oh well, since this post is just me fanboying over this series, I'll just put anything that comes to mind. So, here we go.

The Ancestors

Light Novel Volume 1 cover featuring Fiennes Walt, Max Walt, Crassel Walt, Brod Walt, Fredricks Walt, Sleigh Walt and Basil Walt (clockwise).

The story began from the moment Lyle being kicked out of the Walt House and he gained the blue jewel. I always see this moment as the moment where Lyle loses his family (Walt House) because of the irregular ability of Celes Walt and at the same time he gains a family (Walt ancestors). The most interesting part of the story for me besides Mr Lyle and the harem antics is the story of the ancestors.

Each and everyone of them, eventhough 'evil', have their own story that at same time contributes to Lyle's growth. As most follower of the story know, Lyle is basically a child in a teenage body because Celes sealed his memories from his childhood because that part of him inherited the memory of Septem that would make him too powerful. The ancestors not only taught Lyle their skills but also shares their experiences. They basically dyed Lyle in their colour. Walt House's colour.

The founder, Basil Walt was a wild man with barbarian-like appearance and a bastard sword as his weapon of choice. He was a third child from a knight house in Banhseim that joined the pioneering expedition to earn money and status in order to get his first love. But unfortunately, his first love, Alice Lockwarde (Aria Lockwarde's ancestor) has been married to another man. However, his expedition is what started the Walt House. At first, the First always scrutinize Lyle seeing him being so unreliable at the beginning. However, at the end, he did acknowledge Lyle before he pass on. For me, this part is very touching. Heck, every part when the ancestor passed on is touching and made my eye itch.

The second generation head, Crassel seems to be always at odd with his father. It should be noted that every generation heads have a bad relationship with their father (at least on the surface). His weapon of choice is a bow. It was first thought that he chose bow because of his bad relationship with his father. However, the third generation head speculates that he chose bow because he wanted to fight together with the founder, protecting him from the back.

The third generation head, Sleigh Walt was a man that seems like a good guy and was hailed as a hero of the superpower of Bahnseim. This was because he saved the King during a war at the cost of his life. Well, that was not really the truth. He just saved the King to save his territory. In fact, he hated the royal family of Bahnseim. No, each and everyone of the ancestors hated the throne. The easiest way to describe him would be, he was the character that seems good on the outside but dark inside. This is further emphasize by his skill, the only mind manipulating skill manifested in the family.

The fourth generation head, Max Walt was the glasses character in the novel. He was also the longest head in service due to the Third's death in the war. He was the one among the ancestor that is most experienced in domestic affairs and how to deal with women although he only have one wife. Well, I assume that is because he was very afraid of his wife who is much younger than him. His skill is related with movement speed. It was manifested due to his desire to meet his father (the Third) before the latter's death. He was the one that taught Lyle about various things on domestic affairs and how to deal with women.

The fifth, Fredricks Walt is the one of the ancestors that I find interesting. The Fourth mentions that the Fifth has changed from his childhood. He was a cheerful child but gradually become a dry and emotionless man. From his memory, we see that this was because during his time, the Walt House was in dubious standing. They do not know who is enemy and who is ally. During his time, the House endures various harassment from other nobles. He also have many wives and children. He marries off his children for political reason, Millea Walt (Miranda's and Shannon's ancestor) included. He also have many pets which he showered love more than to his children, this cause his children to be angry at him especially the sixth generation head, Fiennes Walt. However, it was speculated he did this and gain the anger of his children to protect Fiennes from dispute over family head position. It was also stated by Millea that under his emotionless look, he is always in sorrow.

The sixth, Fiennes Walt is a man with huge build. He has a history of being a runaway child due to his dissatisfaction towards his father. His dissatisfaction is because of his father's towards his siblings. However, inside the jewel, he give an impression that he has a better relation his father compare to the other ancestors. According to him, his father has endured during his time and prepared everything for him, he only uses whatever was prepared and expanded Walt House's territory. Due to this, he have an inferiority complex and always feel like he was a failure.

The seventh generation head, Brod Walt is Lyle's grandfather. He was a doting grandfather. Not much is known about him yet except a few things like he has an interesting interaction with his aunt, Millea Walt (with guns), and his skill is among the use the highest amount of mana.

Conclusion already?

Generally, the ancestors have a... how do I say this... hmm... a very interesting personality. You can consider that as a trait of the Walt House. They do have a few screw loose in the head. However, each and every parting moment with the ancestor are touching, the First passed on after acknowledging the unreliable Lyle, the Second passed on in a midst of war without a proper goodbye since Lyle was forced to use his final skill to save a boy. Both of them did not manage to Lyle answer on what he wanted to do. The Sixth dissappear after teaching Lyle his skills and telling him his stories, he said that among all of his failures, Lyle is his success. However, he disappeared without witnessing Lyle's maiden war. The Fourth disappeared after passing down his knowledge as feudal lord and skills to Lyle. All of them have their failures despite being a legend, if I can say this.

Millea Walt describes the ancestors as someone who are awkward and easy to get lonely, but they are the ones that have shouldered the strongest house in the superpower of Bahnseim. I do agree with her statement when reading all of their backstory.

I have to say the way the author write this story is amazing. Thank you to Yorai-kun for the translation.

Man, this story is just awesome. It's not just a typical fighting, adventure and harem story. I'm usually am not interested in story other than about the main character but the story of the ancestors did managed to gain my interest. It help Lyle grows and it also something that can teach me something, that is what I believe.

If you have anything to share, any addition, correction or opinion, feel free to use the comment section.

p/s: By the way, since Yorai-kun have posted the image on which ancestor is which, I've edit my previous post about which ancestor is which.

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