Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rkidz's Japan Travel Blog - Day 10: Travelling to Kyoto (day 2)

Day 10.
Kyoto part 2.

It's back to Kyoto. It was more of a relaxing trip this time. I only managed to visit 3 important landmarks/tourist spots. The first one is the Kyoto International Manga Museum. I had a real blast visiting the museum because manga is basically one of my favourite stuff ever. No picture inside the museum itself is available here sadly because of copyright and stuff. But try to imagine having a building where the walls was literally covered with all sort of mangas from top to bottom. Entrance fee is 800 yen, but you can freely browse the manga once inside. It was previously an elementary school, consists of three floors and a basement. Some relics of the former school are on display for visitors. In addition to its massive collection of indigenous manga, the museum also focuses on both the adoption and development of manga internationally. Works of international manga artists are featured, and manga related events at the museum often involve foreign artists. It was indeed a manga paradise.

Second place I went to is the Kiyomizudera temple. I decided to go there because it seems like every anime with featuring Kyoto fieldtrip must have a scene in this famous place. Entrance fee to the temple is only 400 yen. The temple complex itself is indeed impressive. It is best known for its wooden stage that juts out from its main hall, 13 meters above the hillside below. The view from above is stunning, and having the temple surrounded by nature is a sight to behold. The temple is one of UNESCO world heritage sites. There were several things to do in the temple complex; from enjoying the view, walking through the forest path, drinking from the Otowa waterfall and taking a break at the teahouse underneath the main temple. Note that during the time I was here, part of the temple was still under renovation, so it might affect your experience there a bit, but not significantly. Overall it was a delightful visit.

Last but not least is Arashiyama bamboo forest. One important thing I have to say before going here (don't make the same mistake as I did): DON'T GO THERE DURING THE NIGHT (well except if there is a special ocassion there). It was really dark. It should be a really leisurely walk around the beautiful looking forest, but things started to get really horrible when it rains, heavily. I have to end my journey prematurely and I'm all but drenched, thanks to not having an umbrella. Guess I'm a little bit unlucky, but ehhh... It is still a memorable experience nevertheless.

Next stop.... Osaka.

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