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Kamichu!: Writer's Block Edition

Hi guys. Wolvenciel here with another post though I can't say that this is as much of a review (as if all my other posts are proper reviews anyway) of the show but you can surely treat it as such. Anyways, the Big Boss's Travelling Posts are over and he'll start with his anime reviews again so you guys don't need to look at mine any more. Good riddance.

So anyways, I don't know if any of you have ever heard of this anime. Even I found out about it from a satellite TV channel back during my boarding school days and it aired every weekend so I had the chance to watch it (yeah I kind of went back every weekend to watch anime on that specific channel).

The main character.

Middle School God

Kamichu! is an anime about a middle school girl, Hitotsubashi Yurie who was suddenly made into a god and had her life take a very interesting turn. The premise itself sounds unique but in actuality its a very warm, mellow slice of life anime that is not for those who loves blood and explosions or the like.

Sorry I just had to. AHAHAHA

If you did read my previous reviews, I did one on "Natsume Yuujinchou". This anime has a pace somewhat akin to that. But of course Natsume is two levels slower than even Kamichu! here.

Yes the anime is full of Yurie's cute reactions. So there's that too.


Okay. First of all, I know a lot of people won't agree with me but this character looks a lot like Sasuke (from that popular ninja anime) and I noticed this since way back when I first watched it. It was good fun for me at least.

Maybe from this angle he looks more like a SEED character. I dunno. 

Well. Anyways. Kenji (the Sasuke lookalike's name) here is Yurie's love interest.

The two friends, Mitsue (left one, my favorite) and Matsuri (right one, pushover, asshole).

I am having a writer's block. SIGH. SIIIIIGHH. NOTICE ME PEOPLE.

Spoken like a true Japanese man.

For those who watch a lot of slice of life anime, you can see that the anime itself avoids the main character's love life, right? (Sorry if the person reading this isn't really that much of a slice of life fan).

When you use your godly powers to alter a fortune. Lol.

Kamichu is a tad different in the sense that even if it is slow, it did approach this "romance" and you can actually see it move. And it doesn't have that annoying "misunderstand cycle" (where a character wants to convey his/her feelings and then gets cut off or something like that, etc etc) that is apparent in most romance-slice of life genres. Which is awesome.

"Lacks" A Prologue

One thing to note about this show though is that it doesn't really waste any time. The first episode just straight up throws you into the story with no explanation at all (seriously even the characters in the anime didn't know what was happening) about how Yurie actually becomes a god.

The Tanuki spirit on the concept of "gods" in the anime

The setting in the anime also accepts the whole "god" thing fairly well and there are no real emotional or philosophical conflicts or anything in this anime (There is, actually but how can I put it... The show handled it so well that it doesn't really make you feel that its a conflict? Does that make sense?).

Its true, though. A god can't ask god for help now, right?

Like I said, its just a straight up mellow slice of life anime. With a bit of middle school romance, that is.

Trivia like these makes watching anime a bit more interesting don't you think?

God I Hate Blocks

I'm just rambling at this point anyway, but trust me, Kamichu! is a very decent slice of life anime that makes you feel like you're eating a cotton candy. Its light and fluffy but it attacks your tongue with its extreme sweetness and then fades away in an instant.

I'm sorry I just get overhyped every time I hear this guy's name.

You'll watch the anime thinking its boring and slow but as the anime ends, you'll feel that you want more of that sweetness (If you're that kind of person anyway). Again, if you are not one to enjoy slow-paced animes with no clear plot, I'd suggest staying away from this one. Go watch something else instead.

Guess which Yamato-san is she talking to.

P/S: The opening song is something unique that isn't shown in new anime openings anymore so I recommend checking it out at least. I know I've been saying this about a lot of songs but really, do check them out.

Yeah thanks for reading to the end. Really.

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