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Handa-kun: Of Perceptions. Misunderstandings, and Kawafuji.

Hi guys (pretty sure you're bored by this intro already). Wolvenciel here with one of last season's anime. Now that's a rare sight, ain't it? Anyways. I was hyped for Handa-kun when it first came out and I waited patiently to binge-watch it and write a review on the anime. So do have patience in reading what I wrote here.

Clearing Up

If by any chance you thought you needed to watch the boring ass (I'm being sarcastic and probably a bit annoyed here) Barakamon to understand and enjoy Handa-kun, you don't. And for any of you who clicked the post anyway thinking this, I applaud you.

Breaking the fourth wall and all that

At least you tried and you were curious. May lady luck bless you always. Anyways, Handa-kun is completely stand-alone and has no relation whatsoever to Barakamon and if any of you are complaining, saying "Ehh but if I don't watch Barakamon first how am I going to know Handa's background and all that?", THIS IS THE PROLOGUE YOU NINCAMPOOP, IF YOU WANTED ALL THE BACKGROUNDS AND BASICS YOU SHOULD LOOK TO HIS PAST FIRST, NOT HIS FUTURE.

Its practically nonexistent lol...

P/S: There is about two inside jokes about Barakamon and sure if you think two small jokes missed are reason enough to not watch a comedy anime, leave. Don't even come here again.

This is one joke. Just saying.

Summing Things Up

With that out of the way, Handa-kun is, as the title states an anime about Handa Sei's high school life where he THINKS that everybody hates him to his guts and are 24-7 trying to get him so he tries his best to wall himself up and make minimal contact with those who hated him. In this case, the whole school.

Poor Handa...

However, the whole school thought otherwise and ASSUMED that his cold attitude towards them a part of his nature and that he was somewhat an unapproachable dark prince, whose thoughts only focused on calligraphy and due to unfounded rumors, also revered to as a god/demon.

This... doesn't even sound logical...

Can you see where we're going here? Like, can you imagine this situation? I'll give you an example. I'm offering you a candy, just because. You assumed that I put something bad in the candy but you still didn't want to look rude for refusing it. So you took the candy and purposely dropped the candy saying it slipped from your hand. I then thought the candy was not up to your standards for eating. So I apologized. And then... (more misunderstanding)


Get it? Well in Handa-kun, its about three times worse than the example.

See there. God or Demon?

A Problem With Characters

Okay. I do get that this is a slice of life anime so should have a plethora of characters and all that but god, there's just so many people in this anime. Its not actually bad or anything because it kind of adds color to the anime but like Handa-kun, you'll probably not even remember their names and refer to them as "Friend A" or "The playboy".

Friend A lol

Plus... it kind of makes the show more hectic. Good kind of hectic, yet still hectic. Oh and trust me, all the misconceptions and illusions about Handa that these characters constantly feel will annoy the hell out of you.

This is the guy.

There's like one guy. ONE GUY that actually sees Handa for what he is but then Handa still misunderstood the guy. So yeah.


Oh and as you watch the anime (if you decide to), you'll see a character called Kawafuji. In my opinion, if you didn't watch Barakamon, you actually get this unbiased feel of how the character Kawafuji is. Again, referring to my point that this is obviously because you are seeing the past (Handa-kun) and not the future (Barakamon).

My Two Piece

In any case, Handa-kun is in my opinion a decent anime with a kickass opening song that clearly doesn't depict how Handa-kun actually is (as the core of the anime is, misunderstanding).

This face reminded me of Seki from Tonari no Seki-kun. 

It starts off really strong, like a tornado of comedy hitting you right in the face but loses its momentum as the show goes on (I think its because of the overused "misconception" thing but hey what do I know) and revved it up again into high gear as the show reaches episode 9 onward.

Cool ending. Though its just for episode one.

One thing to note would be that the show actually has an issue and that issue is resolved by the end of the series. It doesn't leave you feeling empty, thinking what would happen next or anything like that. Overall, the ending was fulfilling. For me, at least.

As you can probably guess... This doesn't actually happen in the anime.

I do recommend watching it, just don't binge watch it like I did. It can leave you feeling a bit exhausted because of all the stuff happening in the anime, and that might take away the fun of it. If you really think you don't want to, at least go and watch the anime's opening at least. Its fun.

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