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Bungou Stray Dogs: An Introduction Of

Hey there guys. Miss me? Sorry for the hiatus but boss got settled down in his new place so I kind of don't need to fill him in as much. Plus I had quite a busy weekend too. Anyways. Bungou Stray Dogs.

What's This About?

So Bungou (as I will refer to it from now on) is a very interesting anime about a group of people with superpowers in a place called the Armed Detectives Agency (yes I know this all sounds VERY similar to that other superpower detective anime but bear with me here).

Yeah the sweating guy is Atsushi.

The main character, Atsushi stumbled upon one of the members while he was in despair due to getting kicked out of an orphanage and everything started to get interesting for him right then and there.

Yeah he's... very good natured... And a bit naive too at times.

My Kind Of Setting

So before anything, I'd like to talk about the setting for this anime. Its in a port town and there's practically two huge powers in the city which is the neutral Agency and the Port Mafia. Now, I think maybe this is a boy thing but I like it.

The Agency's Shachou (Chief I mean). 

The whole Agency vs Port Mafia thing I mean. Its not like they really antagonize each other (except maybe one of them). Its just that most of the time their goals just cross over one another (and the mafia being a rowdy bunch always tend to work up a storm here and there and everywhere) and they get into an argument from those circumstances.

One of the little squabbles between the Agency and the Mafia

By arguments, I do mean the "to the death" kind though.

Like this one in particular...

Not Hamatora How?

By now you'd say that it must be really similar to Hamatora. I have to say that it kind of isn't. Hamatora has this very deep philosophical pressure that it creates from the humans/special ability users. It makes you question the equality of the whole society and it also introduces Happy's and the villain's perspectives on the pros/cons of having abilities in the first place.

You'll be seeing a lot of this guy's screenshots. Don't judge me.

P:S/ This is just my piece. I didn't really watch Hamatora that much so correct me if I'm wrong.

This is Ranpo. He's also one of the more interesting ones in the Agency

Bungou just ignores all that complicated stuff and decided to go for the wacky. nonsensical approach. Each and every character in the anime does their own kind of bullshit and silly antics and the poor Atsushi who just joined in gets his fair share of the problems that come with it.

Interesting, right?

I'll give you one example.

Uh... I didn't have any screenshots of Dazai's stupid attempts so here's more Ranpo.

Osamu Dazai, the guy who recruited Atsushi, is a suicide maniac. Yes. He tries to kill himself when he has the chance. Then he tries to kill himself with a beautiful woman. Calls it a double suicide. He has his cool moments sometimes, but mostly he's just... Dazai.

More dreamy spectacles coming through.

Why Is This An Introduction Of?

You seem to misunderstand me. I wasn't talking about this post. I was talking about the anime. This is the one problem that might drive you away from Bungou. Its... just an introduction on the whole series. The anime exposes on each Agency member's powers and shows the Port Mafia's standing on things and shows you on things to come...

I really like the anime's style in writing these things. It looks cool



See? Cool right? Like from a newspaper or a book cutlet.

I don't really know. I just... I don't hate it at all. It's just that the way they showed it makes you think that there IS going to be a second season but I, for one, being the skeptical bitch that I am, don't think there would be one.

They also did it for when the characters use their abilities.

So yeah. If you ignore that, the anime is mostly "Daily Lives of The Armed Detectives Agency" and I had fun. It was wacky, it was stupid and it was nonsensical. If you're bored, give this a shot. The laughs are worth watching at least.

This is also an important piece if the anime does get that second season

P/S: The characters in this anime feels... human. They fight, get beaten up, almost die (there are still plot armors) and the only ones that I think are kind of over the top would be Atsushi and Akutagawa (one of the port mafias).


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