Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween themed gallery

It's Halloween! The great things about Halloween are special themed events in video games and also wonderful arts from various artist putting characters into costumes just for this special occasion. Pumpkins, demons, vampires, ghost, witches and more; it is indeed an eye-candy.


 Credit to their respective owners/ artists. 

My favourite costume of all... Beast Mashu~ 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bananya: A Cat Lover's Fan Service (Shorts)

Hey guys. Wolvenciel here for a quick review. Bananya is a short anime so I'll keep this one short as well.

(And a lot of pictures too)

(Picture taken from CrunchyRoll)


This is the main character (sort of), Bananya.

Genre: Comedy, Kids, Slice of Life
Episodes: 13
Length/Episode: 3:06 minutes (its a shorts)
Studio: Gathering
Date Aired: 2016

Happy cats = Happy me


Look at em. SO CUTE. GAH.

Its... an anime about cats that live inside bananas... Yeah... That's kind of it. The anime shows viewers the daily lives of these cute little critters and the mischief they cause in each episode.

Weight of the Anime

One of the various Bananyas.

There's no weight damn it. Its a fan service anime for people who likes cats. Like, they show you these cute little shits and they go around doing all these stupid things. WHILE BEING IN A BANANA.

See that. Cuteness right there.

Ahem. Its a good distraction if you want to escape from the harsh world of anime or something. Oh and at each end of episode, they show you these real cat pictures. Those are kind of fan service as well.

Like, you won't understand the fan service if you're not into cats. I assure you.

In A Nutshell

It is what it is. A cat in a banana. If you have no idea what a cat is and you don't really care for overly cute and pointless beings, this is not for you. If you, however love cats and the sight of them bring color to your life, do watch. It'll make you scream even if its for a short 1 minute.

There's also a mouse.

P/S: This one I don't need a feedback. It's just a leisure post of mine.

The whole family.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tawawa challenge picture gallery

#TawawaChallenge (Japanese: #たわわチャレンジ) is a hashtag for images featuring people attempting to put a smartphone device on their chest, which was inspired by an episode in the Japanese webcomic Tawawa on Monday / Getsuyōbi no Tawawa by Himura Kiseki (Strangestone). In October 2016, this fad began to spread among Twitter users, reaching the Japanese and the Western web. It also had its own short anime currently airing this season and is a worth to watch.

You can take a look at some of the images that spawned from the trend down here. Credit to their respective owners/ artists. 


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