Monday, September 19, 2016

Rkidz's Japan Travel Blog - Day 1: I'm flying to Japan!

Hey guys, It's me- Rkidz. I will be starting a series of posts featuring my 2 weeks travel to Japan. I had travelled to Japan from the 7th to 21st of August 2016. It had been an enlightening and exciting experience, and was a cherished memory that I will never forget about.

My main goal of going to Japan is to experience the culture and wonder of Japan - the Jewel of the East, and to get much experience as I could in the short span of time and limited travel expense. Tho truthfully, I mainly went there because of Akihabara and Comic Market. I've been travelling alone so that I won't feel too restricted (and because I don't have many friend). I can't really remember the exact details, but my logistic budget was around $1100. Flight ticket and accommodation alone cost me  $806.23. Mind you that I've booked a low-cost flight and a cheap, but comfortable capsule hotel nearby Asakusa. I've also bought a 7-days Japan Rail Pass for the price of $276, to travel around Japan as much and as fast as I could. I'll be covering more about the JR pass later on but you can check it out here. You might have to spend at least $10-20 a day for food and transportation around Japan, but that's up to your taste and travel itinerary. I've been eating Onigiri (rice ball) for the whole week so I've saved a bit on food expenses. Other than that, spending money for tourism destination entrance fees and merchandise is all up to you. I've spent  more than $400 for doujins alone, but that's just me. Just remember to plan your itinerary and travel expenses very, very well before coming to Japan,to ensure your travel will go smoothly. Web site such as japan-guide.com  provide excellent information for your trip to Japan, and had helped me a lot.

Alright, onward to the actual travel log.

Day 1 is the day where I basically travel to Japan via Air Asia X flight; from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Haneda, Japan. It is not the best air flight I've ride, but it's the cheapest one I could hoped for. The flight from Malaysia to Japan lasted for 7 hours or so, and I mostly spent my time up there watching anime on my phone basically. I went to the immigration without no problem at all, and no Visa was needed thanks for being the citizen of one of the over 50 countries with which Japan has a "general visa exemption arrangement". You just need your passport for that.

By the time I've arrived to Haneda airport, it's already near midnight. Thankfully I managed to catch the last train to the capsule hotel I've reserved beforehand in Kuramae. The hotel is MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae; you can check its detail here. The reason I've chosen a capsule hotel instead of a full-fledged hotel or dormitory is to try a new experience staying in a different kind of hotel, and it's really cheap. It is surprisingly comfortable; it is decently spacious and had all the basic need provided for lodging. There is flat screen tv inside, radio, mirrors, electrical outlets, metal safe, etc provided. There is even locker underneath your bed to store all your luggage and stuff. After packing all my belongings, I went to loiter around the hotel itself before finally going to sleep.

It's a short post for day 1; nothing much other than riding the plane, getting past the immigration and finding the hotel itself to settle in. On the second day, I will be covering my trip to Akihabara. Look forward to it!

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