Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fate/kaleid line Prisma Illya: Let's Go To Jail Part 1

Sooooo hey fellow readers and anime fans. This is a wild anime review by me, due to a mobile game I am playing now is going to launch an event in collaboration with said anime, Fate/kaleid (I'll refer to it as this from now on).

And if you still didn't know me, the name's Wolvenciel.

P/S: I wanted to post this earlier but I was playing League with the other blog members.

taken from http://momoandcream.com/fatekaleidlinerprismailya/
Jail Anyone?

Okay. So the anime is about (this is a very very obvious thing I'm stating here) two girls who, under a certain string of events, accidentally became magical girls and are tasked in collecting cards that represents heroic spirits that create magical distortions if left alone.

Sounds a bit familiar if you ask me.

They also function as cellphones with video call.

For those who are not familiar with the Fate universe, this anime is somewhat of a spin-off of the main Fate/Stay Night anime/visual novel. It features a lot of characters from Stay Night and also some new characters to spice up the anime a bit.

This girl is another example of a Fate series character. Sella the "modest" maid

If for some reason you people think that it is wrong to watch this, it isn't. I'm just putting this here. This is legal, guys. Its... Completely harmless.

A Different Illyasviel

If anything, I was actually caught off guard by this anime. A lot of people just assumed and said that this anime is a parody and a (sort of it actually is) loli fan service anime for those guys who like to ogle elementary school kids and imagine that its their little sisters and such.

Ilya being Ilya?

It is in a way, a loli fan service anime, but it has its own plot (I mean its not a parody). I mean I really thought it was gonna be all fun and games (they said that serious shit only starts at season three) but it isn't. It was actually very grounded and its different from your usual happy go lucky magical girl stuff (yes yes sure madoka is unique too sure whatever). There were a few episodes of loli fan service but that is about it.

Really. You don't have to worry about turning into a lolicon for watching this. Or do you?

Inconsistent Illya

This is just me nitpicking but if you watch carefully, there are some stuff that are actually inconsistent in the anime and if you're somewhat a technical kind of person you'd definitely bitch about it. But hey, its a magical girl anime, so I am not gonna mind. Plus its only the first season. I'll see whether they improve or not (the studio I mean).

The moment you discover your fetish

Magical Girls Aside

I'm not gonna comment on the characters. Not yet. I'll save it till the next season because I want to give them a chance first. So yeah.

TSUNDERE MAID... I mean, here's another screenshot of the anime.

The music, on the other hand, is crazy. For those who are familiar with Fate music, they'd probably say the BGM of a certain heroic spirit was actually better in Fate/kalied than in Stay Night. For those who are not familiar with it, you'll enjoy it all the same. Both the BGMs and the songs are very good, especially the opening song.

Plus Choucho sang it, so there's also that. It has that magical girl feeling to it.

The fight scenes... Okay let me just get this straight first. This is a magical girl anime. Not a shounen battle anime. It is NOT supposed to have crazy melee action and explosions and all that. It should be full of magical rainbow-colored beams and cheeky transformation sequences. Fate/kaleid has both.

Sure there aren't too many of those amazing fight scenes but the anime is just 10 episodes and I can assure you half of those episodes are filled with fight scenes (both magical beams and melee fights combined) and will leave you wanting for more.

Loli on loli action... I mean look at them playing like elementary school students

There are of course loli action in there... but hey, I'm just watching it for the event. Haha... ha... Anyways, I'll be back for the second season review tomorrow (if possible). See ya guys.


  1. Winces.... the inappropriate fanservice is greater in the second season, even more crazier in the third season.... and then almost drops down to minimal by the fourth. Which is a shame - Silver-Link really took the decision to exaggerate the fanservice in the manga starting in the second season.

    1. Hahaha... and I am for one, a person who hates incest to the max. Yeah I watched the second season just now. Writing on it at the moment. Anyways, appreciate the comment. It's nice to see people talking. Hope I see you again somewhere.



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