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Fate/ kaleid liner Prisma Ilya 2wei!: I Hate Fevers...

So hey there guys. Long time no see... Yeah I was on hiatus for a week there because I caught a fever. In my country there's quite a sudden outbreak of the Zika virus which is a mosquito-transmitted thingy and people are getting sick in droves. I just caught a normal fever so thank goodness.

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So anyways, here we are again for yet another Prisma Illya review. I kinda told you guys I'd do it as the event comes but due to the fever... Yeah I didn't even get to complete my Kuro... or the event... SIGH.

Bring The Jail To Me

Now, I did say that I'd hold the verdict for a while and wait till I watched the second season but sweet mother of Neptune... The loli fan service became even more savage than in the first season.

The rumored kissing monster... In action... gulp.

I mean there are crazy ass french-kissing scenes and also some light wincest (if you guys don't know, people combined the word "win" and "incest" and made this monster indicating that incest is the best possible shipping. F**k you guys) during the first half of the anime.

Again... Wincest. But hey, if it was me, I'd just think of it as sibling love.

But that is kind of it. Yes. Really. Sure there were mild fan service here and there during the second half of the anime but hey, I'll overlook those. Still... The ones that they did do... I... I'm sorry. Its really just not something I'd go into.

Buuuut... Illya has other ideas of course... sigh...

The Comedic Duo

Now, I didn't actually see much of these two people playing a part in the first season of the anime (besides being fairly annoying because they just fight and fight and fight all the time) but in this season, boy do they crack me up.

Plus their facial expressions are just golden...

The anime has a lot of fan service and gut-wrenching (sure not gut-wrenching but tense) situations and these two never failed to return the atmosphere to normal with their goofy antics and their constant bickering (yes they do still fight but its in a more acceptable way for me I guess)

They also made light of this situation (it'll make more sense if you followed the fate series beforehand but still funny if you didn't)

Grown Women

Ahem... Okay the anime became a bit more fun for me because I get to see some grown women that I didn't get the chance to see in the Fate/ Stay Night and UBW series because of various reasons. Sure this is another form of fan service, but its the kind that I prefer.

This woman. I still am angry at myself for missing out on her in FGO (Fate/ Grand Order, a mobile game)
First of all is Irisviel, Illya's mom. During the first season, she was only up a few minutes but this time around she's here to stay and she (kind of) played a part in the plot as well. Its always nice to see her smiling and talking and "ara ara" here and there and everywhere. Ahem.

And then there's this girl (uh sorry about that sidebar being there...)

Bazett is actually one of those characters you don't really see flaunting her stuff (unless if you read the Fate visual novels) and boy does she put up a good show in this series. Sure she's a stoic, battle-hardened church chick but hey, you really want to look forward to this girl and all her moves.


Well Anyways

So all in all, I do think that the fan service was pushed a few notches up this season but the action weaved in between them all makes it worth the watch. If you're no lolicon, I'd still recommend it for the fights (plus there ain't any emotional breakdowns that drag the story this time around).

Guess who this is. (Again, sorry for the sidebar, I am really just too lazy to cut it out from the frame)

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