Friday, September 2, 2016

Animangaki 2016

It's that time of the year again, where local anime fans gather around in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre to have some fun and enjoy the view of local ACG event. It's the 8th Animangaki, and it's still as stellar as ever. With 'retro 8-bit' as it's theme this year, visitors are sure to be given a memorable experience attending the event.

AniManGaki, an abbreviation from 'Anime', 'Manga' and 'Gaki' (a Japanese slang of 'brat') was established in 2009 by Yvonne Sing Wee Wen, founder of Sunway University Anime Club. AniManGaki was form by fans, for fans; with the purpose of bringing anime, manga and game enthusiasts together and celebrate the diverse pop-cultures of Japan. Coined by the public as the “Trendsetter", AniManGaki strives to bring new and exciting content each year to more than 11,500 attendees. (source- Animagaki official profile)

This year, I've spend most of my time cosplaying, and less photographing on the actual event itself. There are still some good pictures here and there, but unfortunately not as much as the past few years. Nevertheless, it is a really fun event, and I have enjoyed myself as such. 

  • A walk around the convention hall. There aren't much differences in layout compared to last year, and that's a good thing. Ticket counter is upstairs, and past the entrance there are a bunch of booths, a room full of figures displayed by collectors, Touhou booth  and the main event hall downstairs. Doujin booths are inside the main event hall, and they have redesigned the booth so that the layout looks like Comiket.

  • Stage events. Special guest includes; A.K. Wirru, TAMusic and Akai Ryuusei. There are performance by TAMusic and Akai Ryuusei themselves later on in the evening, and I must say that it is AMAZING. There are also performances by several local bands during the events itself. Other stage events includes the usual Animangaki idols and cosplay competitions.

  • Touhou competition final. The competiotion was really, really intense. Last year runner up, Nanabi emerges as the winner this year.

  • Cosplays. Not as many pictures ass last year due to me busy cosplaying and my partners feeling lazy to take any. Nevertheless, the quality of cosplay remains to be outstanding.

  • Lots of pictures of my own cosplay, Tempestus Scion for the Warhammer 40k universe.

 It's a great event. A memorable one for sure. I've cosplayed for two whole day that I actually ashamed for not taking more pictures, but it's totally worth it. All in all, I really enjoyed and hoping that I might somehow make it for the next year. See ya!

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