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Rkidz's Japan Travel Blog - Day 6: Comiket (day 1)

Day 6.

Comiket day 1.

It's not an exaggeration to say that my main goal of coming to Japan at this time of the year is just for Comiket alone. I've been wanting to go to this event since... Forever. I've seen it in anime and manga. I've watched documentaries of it. But to actually experience it first hand is a whole different thing.

Summer Comic Market 90, or Comiket 90 is the world's largest doujinshi fair, held twice a year in Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba, Japan. To go there, you can ride the train from the Yurikamome Line or JR Rinkai Line. There is no entrance fee, which is always great.

My first impression when I've arrived is that, the event is HUGE. There are just so many people, so many doujins booth and so much things to see. I had to line up for about 30 minutes or so before I could get into the building itself. Note that this is only the first day, and a lot more people are expected to come in the upcoming days.

The first day is mainly bl and anime related doujins, so I haven't buy that much stuff. Well, not too much at least. Everywhere I can see my kind of people, and it is indeed a sight to behold. There are 4 main halls where doujin booths were set up; 2 west halls and 2 east halls. There are also a place outside where cosplayers and photographers can gather to take pictures and stuff. Comiket is open starting from 10 am until 4 pm, and considering the scale of the event you must move with haste to get all your desired doujins. I spend most of my time scouting the event area and trying to familiarize myself with the surrounding, to prepare myself for the next 2 days.

I end up with a really, really painful feet and sore shoulder later on in the evening. But it is totally worth it.

Next up, Comiket day 2.

A 9 year old Fan-made Game

As promised, Wolvenciel here for another review on something else that is NOT anime related (that's why its linked onto the game section of the blog anyways).

This makes it obvious but eh. Whatever.

Now. I am not sure if the evil company that is monitoring this game could flag the blog for doing this and as such I will use "UR" when referring to the game (yeah yeah I know I'm paranoid but can you blame me?)

P/S: I write this here assuming you readers have played this kind of game before in your life. So if you haven't and you have questions, do ask me okay?

Eh But Its Just Another Romhack Right?

That, my friend is where you are wrong. UR is a standalone fan game that's made using a variant of the rpgmaker (a free game engine if I'm not mistaken) that is playable without using an emulator (its a legit .exe file. Ya know, like all those other pc games?). There's a better explanation on this and I'm... not here to explain how you make a game using that stuff anyways.

Duh Its Just Another Fan-made Game Right?

Sure it is. However, its a COMPLETED fan-made game. And there's like two people working on it for 9 years. I, for one, acknowledge that effort. Plus, it features a whole new region with a whole new set of fakemons (fakemons are monsters that are not made by the evil company and are purely fan-made) with a few original monsters (in which they added in fake evolutions and fake mega evolutions for those monsters) which I think is just damn awesome.

Most fakemons have dual typing... And I for one think that it makes the game harder... (x4 weaknesses)

And then there's a new typing. Nuclear types. Strong against everything (except steel) and weak against everything (including steel). You know, you could have kind of guessed this from the game's title anyway. And yes. They all have a greenish hue.

I'm sure hardcore fans would love a Dunsparce evolution. There you go.

The main character that you play also gets a backstory (well its not actually our backstory, its kind of like a prologue of sorts) and that kind of gives you an idea of how things are in the present (and also a little bit of clue if you're into deduction and stuff).

Kind of cryptic don't you think?

Then there's the rival. I have never seen a rival in any of these games get so well developed like this little shit here. Theo is like an anime character. He's dynamic. At first he's optimistic and spirited and then he changes a lot as the story goes. He's not a run-of-the-mill bad ass like Gary or anything. He's much better than that.


What's So Different Then?

First of all there's a GTS/Wonder Trade system. Yes. Like the original games in the portable platforms that requires an internet connection. That you can use to trade with random people all over the world. Yes. That thing. And it actually works well. I tried it a few times and got myself a few... bug type monsters that I can get in the grass in front of my house.

The GTS Interface

If you have friends in the real world also playing the game, you can have them trade monsters with you personally in the Online Lobby. This one is a bit buggy (or maybe it was my internet connection) when I tried it. Nevertheless I got my Cometeor to evolve into an Astronite through this, so I'm a happy man.

You even have your unique ID and all that.

There's also the Virtual Trainer which allows you to create your own trainer and put it into the system for other players to battle with. I don't really know the purpose of this (it can't be competitive because you're not even fighting a real person) but hey maybe one day they'll improve on it. (No you don't get exp out of this. So really. I don't know what the purpose of fighting a virtual trainer is)

Still figuring out what this does... Sigh.

Oh and... to a certain extent, there are side quests in this game. I think they plan to add in more as time goes by, but for now, I'm still just waiting because I finished all the existing ones already.

One side quest where you don't get a reward.

Any Gameplay Difference?

Okay for once, the AI in the game is somewhat responsive. I mean, if I were to use the move "Dig", the trainer would switch his monster into a flying type monster. But then again, sometimes it just won't. The developers are fixing the AI as they update the game but even as it is, the game does provide adequate challenge for those who seek it.

And if you're feeling stupid and want to push yourself to your limits, they have a built in Nuzlocke Challenge that you can opt to play in the beginning of the game. You can even customize the parameters of your challenge and suffer even more agony as you play the game.

The Nuzlocke options. Pick your poison, mongrels.

No really. I think nuzlocke is suicidal in this game. Because... I kind of think that the critical rates are a bit higher. But maybe that's just my imagination I guess.

My Thoughts

I think the story is quite engaging especially as it enters the "radioactive hell breaks loose" arc and maybe because I was a bit observant of things, the story kind of became a bit predictable to me (they were giving off hints everywhere in the game. If you care to look, that is) but still, I was hooked on to it.

We, as the main character, didn't really develop at all. We just go around and wrecking everything around us and stay the same cool ass that we are. But boy did I enjoy watching Theo grow up. He's the best supporting character I've ever met. He's so human.

I mean look at this. Shit cracks me up every single time. LOL.

On the contrary though, some of the other characters were not as memorable save some of the gym leaders who give off random ass puzzles and trolls you in the face. Or the ones who go around town harassing the town's citizens. Yeah. Some were interesting. And I kind of enjoyed them too. (Especially Amatree Town. Definitely Amatree Town)

A Big F To The Evil Company

I had fun playing this game and I wish it keeps getting patches for the endgame content because I still want to see more of the region and because some of the monsters have serious bugs (they just don't attack. They stand there, look at you, and die). The original developers have let go of the game itself but I'll still hope for the best.


And really. I don't know who's to blame in all this. I'm just randomly spouting nonsense. So don't take too much notice on my rants, yeah? Just give the game a try (unless you're one of those "Fakemons are a blasphemy!" kind of guy) and I hope you have fun playing it as I did.

P/S: You have to find it yourselves though. I'm not sure where to find it anymore nowadays. "Seek, And You Shall Find" - Anon. So, good luck.

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Fate/ kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!: Hoping For Another Season

Hey guys, its me again. (Well this should have been up yesterday but I kind of overslept so...)
At last, we reach the last season (up to now at least) of the anime and I have to tell you, it was awesome as hell. Now without further ado, let's get started.

This is way better than searching for a title on the net. Phew.


I had to go all caps on that. Hands down Drei has the best opening song out of all four seasons of the anime. First time I heard it I was entranced already. I mean that's just cheating. You can't make the song as good as that. Damn it. Definitely going to find that song somewhere.

"Plot" of the season... Hehe...

P/S: Even if you didn't watch the anime, I'd still recommend it to you guys. Its nice.
Now on to the plot (and I mean literal plot)

Plot Heavy

Contrary to the previous season (Zwei Herz), Drei has a lot of plot points and revelations and full of those dramatic stuff you kind of always see in the Fate series and boy, how I love those.
The anime starts to reveal the origins of the problems in the world of Fate/ kaleid liner and its relation to the truth about Miyu (which I'm sure everyone is wondering about anyways)

Yes. Its about time this shit get parodied in.

Even so, the anime still makes an awful lot of jokes here and there even in the midst of a serious scene or situation and finds quite a perfect balance between comedy and drama with piping hot action sandwiched in between them.

You can guess why he has this obsession over mapo...

Sticks and Swords

When I say sticks and swords I mean STICKS AND SWORDS ladies and gentlemen. This season is so full of action, it makes you wonder why it wasn't like this from the very beginning of the anime (I know, I know. Its a magical girl anime and its not supposed to have these kinds of things but I'm a boy, what can I do.).

So cute. You can't even see the Gil inside. Hehe.

Oh and CHAINS. This season, Gilgamesh-kun returns and you get to see his cute little face cajoling here and there kicking ass and taking Noble Phantasms (and getting beat in the ass for comedy purposes as well). Gil fights A LOT in this anime and even as a kid his ego is still as big as his treasure room so look forward to that. CHAINS.

Oh wait, you can...

Now for some of you who, say... played FGO (a Fate mobile game) or accidentally saw people comparing the anime action scenes with the manga action scenes, I'll just call them idealists. 
I can point out a few dozen anime that have worse adaptations than their manga counterparts (not just their art, sometimes their story line, their character representations etc etc) but that would be a waste of my blog post. The studio did their best in animating the action scenes and I appreciate it all the same.

Do you really think so? Look at Illya's face. Even she doesn't quite believe it.

Sure, you can say they prioritize fan service scenes more than those action scenes but in Drei, you can practically count those scenes with your fingers. This season is definitely the one with least fan service scenes (in my opinion at least) and even if they do prioritize those fan service scenes, its because those things bring in money.

And you can take an Excalibur to your face for all I care

If they prioritized the action scenes and they still screwed up (albeit one small frame of animation) those pieces of trash would still complain about it anyways. Come on. They're not Ufotable. Tch.

A Friendly Warning

Okay. Before anything, I'd like to say I have a bad feeling, I guess? All the other seasons had a "next season confirmed" announcement at the end of the last episode (or maybe not. I dunno. I'm stupid, can you blame me for that?).

Do you know how a good villain feels like? It feels like this little bitch.

I really hope that they continue animating this anime because the last episode for Fate/ kaleid liner was such a cliffhanger that it kind of made me want to get hyped if the next season was confirmed (Like I said earlier in my reviews, I was doing this out of curiosity. Now I am definitely hooked). I really hope they do. 

Or this little bitch...

If any of you reading this knows that the anime is confirmed to have a fifth season, do tell me.

And if this isn't a villain, I don't know what is...

I'll Miss This

In any case, this is kind of the end for this string of reviews on the Fate/ kaleid liner Prisma Illya and I hope those who haven't watched the anime yet to at least give it a try (or at least read my reviews on it). God I'll really miss this one if it doesn't get another season. Sigh.

Now I'll just leave this here to tease you guys. Why, who could that even be. Tehe.

Anyways. Look forward to my next review. Its gonna be about a controversial fan game that shook the internet (for a week or so I guess). See ya!

Sigh... I feel so confused right now. Why did you have to use a Medea Card... Why...


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