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Web Novel: Seventh

About Web Novels

Hello and long time no see. Today is a great day because I finally decided stop procrastinating in writing novel review. But, today’s post is not about Light Novel. It is about a Web Novel. For those that do not know the difference between a Light Novel (LN) and a Web Novel (WN), the main difference would be WNs are novels written on a website called Shousetsuka Ni Narou and freely available to be read online. LNs on the other hand are commercial novel published by publishing companies in Japan like Kadokawa. Sometimes, novels written in Narou pages caught the attention of these company and they will adapted into LNs or mangas before, if famous enough being adapted into animes. Actually there are many LNs that came from WNs like Sword Art Online, Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei, Kono Subarashii Sekai Shukufuku Wo and Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. And currently, many writers tend to write stories with reincarnation in a different world as its premise. Not that I’m complaining though.

Alright back to the topic at hand. Since the topic for today is on a WN, I will be sharing the link to the translation. Honestly though, I don’t really read WNs because the style of the writing and the quality of the translation tend to not be as good as LNs. However, this novel here today, I can assure you that it has a good writing style as well as high quality translation. Kudos to Yorai-Kun for such a great translation work.

The Novel Itself

Seventh' Light Novel Volume 1 cover featuring Lyle Walt and ancestors.
Title: Seventh

Author: Wai/Mishima Yomu

Status of WN: Completed with a gaiden series

WN link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3250cl/

Translation link: https://yoraikun.wordpress.com/7s-chapters/

Translation status: 57.14%

Alright, this time I will not be posting a quote from the novel since... you can read it yourselves.

The Story (A Legend? Maybe)

By the way, I don’t recommend reading the gaiden series first unless you don’t mind spoilers. The gaiden story take place thousand of years after the end of the main story.

The story is about the adventure of our pitiful protagonist, Lyle Walt. He was born in Walt House, a Count House of the superpower nation, Bahnseim. And, Walt House is basically the strongest house in the nation as you will see as you follow the story. The story starts with the duel between our protagonist, Lyle Walt and his little sister, Celes Walt. The twist in the story is that, this is not a story about brocon little sister or siscon brother. The little sister hate Lyle with passion. Well long story short, he was defeated by his sister and cast out of the house.

Celes Walt

Yes he was abandoned by his family, well there is reason for that. It’s better for you to read it yourselves. (The link is above)

Abandoned by his family, wounded as he was from the duel, he was saved by the gardener, Zell. Zell saved him and also gave him Walt House’s heirloom, a blue gem.

Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to mention the mechanics used in this story. This story is like your typical RPG story with monsters, magic, sword, mana and skill. Skill is an ability possesses by the character and is classified into 3 classes, Vanguard Skill, Rear Guard Skill and Support Class Skill. Gems are used to record the skills so that people other than the original owner of the skill can use it. Well, nearing the middle part of the story more secret of the gems are revealed. Red gems record Vanguard skills, yellow gems record Rear guard skills and blue gems record Support Class skills.

Back to the story, Zell gave Lyle the Walt House’s heirloom because he is the one that is holding it at the moment after the previous head (Lyle’s grandfather) gave it to him to add some ornament to it and Zell did not have the opportunity to give it to the current head. He believes that Lyle will need it more than anyone. And this gem, plays a very important role in the story.

When a gem recorded 8 skills, it will evolve into a jewel. The holder of the jewel will not only be able to use the skills recorded, they will be able to truly master it. Why?

Because the jewel also recorded the soul of its previous owner. Yes, the moment Lyle obtained the jewel and manifested a skill, his ancestors started to regain consciousness in the jewel. From the First Generation Head to the Seventh Generation Head.

The Ancestors

Walt House's ancestors. From left: Sleigh Walt, Crassel Walt, Max Walt, Basil Walt, Fredricks Walt, Fienness Walt, Brod Walt.

First generation head: Basil Walt (Walt House founder)

Second generation head: Crassel Walt

Third generation head: Sleigh Walt

Fourth generation head: Max Walt

Fifth generation head: Fredricks Walt

Sixth generation head: Fienness Walt

Seventh generation head: Brod Walt (Lyle’s grandfather)

Each of the ancestors are a legend of their own with stories, experience and skills that will surely help young Lyle in his journey. Welll... they also have a twisted personality. No, all of those with Walt surname in this story are crazy, I’m not kidding. They are totally evil.

But anyway, with his ancestors and comrades that he gained along the way like his ex-fiance Novem Forxus, Miranda Circry, Shannon Circry, Clara Bulmer and many more, Lyle Walt starts his journey.

Novem Forxus, Lyle's ex-fiance

I have to say, the comedy in this story is golden especially with quirks of the ancestors and Mr. Lyle (?). It is also one hell of an emotional roller coaster, yes it can make you shed manly tears. It has a strategy elements, fighting elements, war elements, nation building elements as Lyle grow with the guidance of his ancestors.

It really is worthy novel to be read and I highly recommend it.

Sevens' Light Novel Volume 2 cover

P/s: this is the only comedy novel with fighting elements that makes me feel like crying when the protagonist power up. Each of his ancestors are there to teach him, when anyone of them finishes their task... *sob sob sob* damnit...



  1. And don't forget that this is a harem novel, seriously.... But not typical harem novel, a very interesting and unique one :v Seriously that chicken dickward :v

  2. And don't forget that this is a harem novel, seriously.... But not typical harem novel, a very interesting and unique one :v Seriously that chicken dickward :v

  3. Replies
    1. Iirc, his little sister hates him because she'e jealous of him. When they were young, their parent loves him and their retainers have expectation of him to succeed the house due to him being a genius child.



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