Wednesday, August 3, 2016

FLCL: Sorry Gainax Fans But WTF

Hey there guys its the ever elusive Wolvenciel back again after how many friggin months of silence. Yeah I'm not even gonna go into that. let's call it summer laziness yeah?

taken from draculascave.co

Today it's gonna be about FLCL or fancy name Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri. I would like to say in advance that this isn't really a review. I'm gonna just say some stuff about this anime in terms of MY OPINION. Again, you should not take it to heart and watch it anyways if... if you want (or if you have watched it and liked it, don't kill me please).

Wacky Art Style

Okay. I won't deny that the anime did have a very... out of the box level of art. Sometimes its normal, and then suddenly its high def fighting scenes and then the next second its a little bit like Southpark. They switch them artstyles so much you won't be able to keep up (I'm actually complimenting them). It was kind of fun to watch the different and wacky art transform from one into the other. I'll include some examples below.

sometimes its like this

and then there's those faces you see slapped on twitch streams

and then it switches into a manga 

and for some awkward reason... Southpark...

Maybe I'm Too Dumb

Aside from the art, I can see hints of... uh... how do you say this... moral values in this anime. But that's just it. Hints. Maybe I'm too dumb to see anything out of this anime. And no I am not gonna watch it again in slow motion or anything just so I could tell you what exactly is happening. I'm just going on the safe side and say that this probably is like a high level literature that I can't comprehend with my little head. F**k you Gainax I hate you. My brain hurts watching this. It doesn't make too much sense.

yeah this one hint of moral value

Other Good Points?

I'm scraping in what I can find that makes it bearable for me to watch. So... there's the good graphics (I mean it wouldn't have won third prize for that best art something something award for nothing) and MEGANE girl. Sure it was like... two minutes... but still. A megane girl. So yeah. Two points.

the transformation sequence was really good in this scene (plus look at the contrast)

Aaaaand spectacles. Spectacles.

Last Thoughts

Yeah sure the anime is about this boy starting to become a man and having weird thoughts and stuff. But how the hell did it turn out into a razzmatazz of robots fighting each other who turns out to be a pirate king who is being monitored by a health corporation. I mean really. That is just too much for me to take in.

this is one of the "suddenly, something happens" scene

I kind of lost track of everything in the anime because it got compacted too much and everything was happening at the same time. I saw the potential really... uh... hints of it anyways. But as it stands, holy shit I have no idea what the hell the anime is actually about. So yeah. If you think you're a smart aleck who have kickass abstract thoughts screaming to see some good literature, this is for you.

Oh really mate it does matter...
I'll... pass... Wolvenciel, signing off.

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