Thursday, August 18, 2016

Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive Early Edition Review

Phew. I just got back from watching the new Final Fantasy movie and damn I have some stuff to get out of my mind. Like literally just got back. And again, bear in mind this is just how I see it. Don't take it as a rule.



Just a bit of a note, though. This post will not have any pictures of the movie as I watched it in the cinemas. I'm grateful really. Some of us are only going to be able to watch it later on 19th.

Moving on. Kingsglaive is like a prologue to the upcoming game and tells you the story of Noctis's kingdom, Lucis and how it got pried away from his father's dead, cold hands (No. No you can never tell me this is a spoiler because in the game's trailer it already said that his father DIED).

It also tells us on how everything started. How Niflheim got cranky and decided to blow everything up and how the Lucis kingdom managed to stay in  control of their territories despite having their asses handed down to them in the form of huge demonic zerg bombers.

However, most importantly it tells us of the Kingsglaive (duh), what its purposes are and the origin of magic in this whole world. That's very important you know. Like in FF13 the source were the Fal'cie and in FF7 it was the mako stones. So yeah. They elaborated on this topic in the movie as well.

What's Kingsglaive mean?

It was pretty awesome actually. In the beginning they give you an overview of the whole situation and how things originally were and suddenly right after 5 minutes of watching you get to see people jump around and fight monsters. Well... I guess it was just to capture the audience because afterwards there were mostly plotting, raging, discussing and then BAM more action.

Kingsglaive is a band of soldiers recruited by the king for the sole reason of utilizing his magic and protecting the kingdom (sort of like an elite task force) but the peculiar thing about the unit is that none of them were from the capital city (namely Insomnia) and they were mostly people from outside (mostly captured territory) so they were ousted for the immigrants that they are (brexit *cough cough* brexit *coughs harder*).

You know. When you did all you can to protect the country and the people still won't accept you because you're not from there, it kind of hurts. At least that's what I felt.

Again, do note that Kingsglaive is not a full-blown action movie. So don't expect it to have flames and sparks and lightning bolts 24-7 (BUT THEY DO HAVE THOSE SO NO WORRIES GUYS). And really, the fights are worth the wait. They were pretty cool themselves but lets get to that in a bit.

What's Happening?

Yes. You read that correct. That was what's on my mind when the fight scenes occur. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Some of the scenes were really dark (like I can't see shit) but that I blame on the cinema. Maybe later on I'll see if I can watch it in HD or something and see if its the movie or my eyesight.

And then there's the speed. Goddamnit do you know how they fight? I thought I was seeing dragon ball z live action or something. A lot of stuff were happening on the screen and they were happening so fast my eyes were literally squinting the whole time trying to see clearly what it was all about. Sure the graphics were awesome but only, and only if YOU COULD FRIGGIN FOLLOW IT WITH YOUR EYES.

Seriously I am not Goku. I am not a trained martial arts and I cannot see what is happening when people use blink daggers with no cool downs while casting spells and fight at the same time. Honestly. I am very grateful for the killer visual effects but I would give anything to watch all the fighting scenes in detail.

There are some parts where you could see the action going. And believe you me, even if it was some old men fighting an armored knight, it was awesome. All because I could actually follow it with my eyes.

Last Bit of Nitpicking

I can't really comment on the soundtrack much because I didn't even pay attention to it that much. Most of my focus was on the screen but let me tell you something else instead. There's this one guy in the whole movie. He friggin ruins it. Like the whole cast of voice actors were sublime. They delivered their lines perfectly and it suits their cg appearance and all that crap. But this one big fat idiot. Oh God help me. From the start of the movie to the end, his voice annoys me. TO NO END.

You know the feeling when you hear people making their voice sound deeper and rougher than it actually is and it sounds weird and funny? Try listening to it for the whole movie. Try listening to it while the guy was actually trying to say something serious. Try listening to it AGAIN when he's actually fighting monsters.

Forgive me if the guy really did sound like that but my ears are telling me that the voice actor made it sound like that.

That's It I Guess?

I didn't really comment on much except for the objective stuff. Well yeah let me add one more thing. It may be just my opinion but I think the movie is a little inconsistent with some things. There were a few parts of the movie that didn't actually add up. There's also this issue with the ending. I really think they should conclude the movie more carefully. Sure, it'll continue on in the game but still, I felt that the end was too abrupt.

But hey that's just me. I can't even write a proper review, let alone give much comment on a Final Fantasy movie. Kingsglaive is really recommended for those who are going to buy the game as it really will give you an insight of what Lucis and Niflheim is and how magic is perceived in this universe. If you are not one to play the game, I'd suggest skipping it and wait for a HD version to come out on the net. Love your eyes. You only have a pair of em.

Wolvenciel, signing out.

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