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Bakemono no Ko: Pretty Sure This Ain't Ghibli

Hi guys. Wolvenciel here for another not-much-of-a-review anime review. I kinda stumbled upon this anime while searching for things to watch from last season (explains the whole Tanaka phase I had). I'm running a bit dry on brain juice here so if this sounds a bit boring to you guys, I apologize.

I was kinda late on this one because... well just because.

P/S: The translation says "The Boy and The Beast" but I think it says "Child of the Beast". Correct me if I'm wrong, yeah?

The Achievements

As you've read on the title, I'm gonna talk about Bakemono no Ko, an anime movie aired early March this year. Now I don't actually look into an anime's ranking or what award it gets or stuff like that but with this movie I did. Just out of curiosity though and the fact that it was a movie too.

So rotten tomato gave it an 89% and IMDB gave it a 7.9. Those are actually pretty high considering these sites are somewhat picky in giving their marks. The anime also got the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. Now I dunno how hard it is to get that prize but hey an award is an award.

If you notice, this is actually 1080p. And I rarely watch on that.

I Checked. Its Studio Chizu. Not Ghibli.

This has nothing to do with the anime. It has something to do with the prick who created this however. At first, when I watched this, I had a nagging feeling that I've actually seen this style somewhere. And then it hit me. Summer Wars. So yeah. Go google the studio up. You'll understand why I thought it was very Ghibli-like.

Really if this doesn't shout "ghibli" I dunno what does

Starting Off

Okay. I tried writing this without providing a summary. It was horrible. Oh well. Here goes. The story starts with a boy (Ren) who lost his mother due to cancer and also his father due to full custody rights. He refuses to live with his relatives and bolts away. On the streets, he accidentally met Kumatetsu and Tatara who were sightseeing (these guys are youkais I think) in the human world. Tatara jokingly suggested that Kumatetsu get a Human disciple but Kumatetsu being Kumatetsu, took it seriously and offered the role to young Ren.

The boy was horrified when he realized the two people in front of him weren't even people but his curiosity got the better of him and he then ended up in Juutengai, the home of the beasts (this was also very Ghibli) and there begins the story of the beast and the boy.



Simply put, the anime is about family bonds. Its very visible throughout the whole anime and it keeps resurfacing over and over again. It tells you that family is all around you and all those mushy stuff so get ready for some family-related feels.

There's also the "sword in your heart" thing. Now, I'm not gonna tell you much about this but hey first time I heard of this, I kinda knew what the guy was talking about. I mean really. The sword in your heart? It's gotta be that thing (unless you're a hardcore naruto fan and says that its the kusanagi sword or something)

My favorite scene in the movie because it was so funny

Them Graphics

Okay. So the one thing that really stand out, and I mean REALLY stand out is the graphics. You can expect the fighting scenes to be very smooth and detailed and yes, this ain't ufotable either. Sure it lacks that mature touch to the whole fight scenes but it certainly is enough to make my eyes pop. I am really not fit to describe all the graphical stuff that I see in the anime but yeah they're damn beautiful I tell you.

And I don't have to tell you about the soundtrack now, do I? Spot on.


The anime as a whole is perfectly fine in my opinion. Though there is one thing that I kind of don't get. The girl. She just doesn't fit into the whole story. Sure she has her role in the anime but it just doesn't seem vital to me. Like its fine if she doesn't exist anyway. But hey that's just me talking.

If you really wanna find out, watch it yourself. Highly recommended. Drop everything and enjoy a two hour ride into the unknown world (like you always do when you watch them ghibli shows).

P/S: Sorry about the whole Ghibli this Ghibli that. Its just... so damn familiar.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive Early Edition Review

Phew. I just got back from watching the new Final Fantasy movie and damn I have some stuff to get out of my mind. Like literally just got back. And again, bear in mind this is just how I see it. Don't take it as a rule.



Just a bit of a note, though. This post will not have any pictures of the movie as I watched it in the cinemas. I'm grateful really. Some of us are only going to be able to watch it later on 19th.

Moving on. Kingsglaive is like a prologue to the upcoming game and tells you the story of Noctis's kingdom, Lucis and how it got pried away from his father's dead, cold hands (No. No you can never tell me this is a spoiler because in the game's trailer it already said that his father DIED).

It also tells us on how everything started. How Niflheim got cranky and decided to blow everything up and how the Lucis kingdom managed to stay in  control of their territories despite having their asses handed down to them in the form of huge demonic zerg bombers.

However, most importantly it tells us of the Kingsglaive (duh), what its purposes are and the origin of magic in this whole world. That's very important you know. Like in FF13 the source were the Fal'cie and in FF7 it was the mako stones. So yeah. They elaborated on this topic in the movie as well.

What's Kingsglaive mean?

It was pretty awesome actually. In the beginning they give you an overview of the whole situation and how things originally were and suddenly right after 5 minutes of watching you get to see people jump around and fight monsters. Well... I guess it was just to capture the audience because afterwards there were mostly plotting, raging, discussing and then BAM more action.

Kingsglaive is a band of soldiers recruited by the king for the sole reason of utilizing his magic and protecting the kingdom (sort of like an elite task force) but the peculiar thing about the unit is that none of them were from the capital city (namely Insomnia) and they were mostly people from outside (mostly captured territory) so they were ousted for the immigrants that they are (brexit *cough cough* brexit *coughs harder*).

You know. When you did all you can to protect the country and the people still won't accept you because you're not from there, it kind of hurts. At least that's what I felt.

Again, do note that Kingsglaive is not a full-blown action movie. So don't expect it to have flames and sparks and lightning bolts 24-7 (BUT THEY DO HAVE THOSE SO NO WORRIES GUYS). And really, the fights are worth the wait. They were pretty cool themselves but lets get to that in a bit.

What's Happening?

Yes. You read that correct. That was what's on my mind when the fight scenes occur. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Some of the scenes were really dark (like I can't see shit) but that I blame on the cinema. Maybe later on I'll see if I can watch it in HD or something and see if its the movie or my eyesight.

And then there's the speed. Goddamnit do you know how they fight? I thought I was seeing dragon ball z live action or something. A lot of stuff were happening on the screen and they were happening so fast my eyes were literally squinting the whole time trying to see clearly what it was all about. Sure the graphics were awesome but only, and only if YOU COULD FRIGGIN FOLLOW IT WITH YOUR EYES.

Seriously I am not Goku. I am not a trained martial arts and I cannot see what is happening when people use blink daggers with no cool downs while casting spells and fight at the same time. Honestly. I am very grateful for the killer visual effects but I would give anything to watch all the fighting scenes in detail.

There are some parts where you could see the action going. And believe you me, even if it was some old men fighting an armored knight, it was awesome. All because I could actually follow it with my eyes.

Last Bit of Nitpicking

I can't really comment on the soundtrack much because I didn't even pay attention to it that much. Most of my focus was on the screen but let me tell you something else instead. There's this one guy in the whole movie. He friggin ruins it. Like the whole cast of voice actors were sublime. They delivered their lines perfectly and it suits their cg appearance and all that crap. But this one big fat idiot. Oh God help me. From the start of the movie to the end, his voice annoys me. TO NO END.

You know the feeling when you hear people making their voice sound deeper and rougher than it actually is and it sounds weird and funny? Try listening to it for the whole movie. Try listening to it while the guy was actually trying to say something serious. Try listening to it AGAIN when he's actually fighting monsters.

Forgive me if the guy really did sound like that but my ears are telling me that the voice actor made it sound like that.

That's It I Guess?

I didn't really comment on much except for the objective stuff. Well yeah let me add one more thing. It may be just my opinion but I think the movie is a little inconsistent with some things. There were a few parts of the movie that didn't actually add up. There's also this issue with the ending. I really think they should conclude the movie more carefully. Sure, it'll continue on in the game but still, I felt that the end was too abrupt.

But hey that's just me. I can't even write a proper review, let alone give much comment on a Final Fantasy movie. Kingsglaive is really recommended for those who are going to buy the game as it really will give you an insight of what Lucis and Niflheim is and how magic is perceived in this universe. If you are not one to play the game, I'd suggest skipping it and wait for a HD version to come out on the net. Love your eyes. You only have a pair of em.

Wolvenciel, signing out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Web Novel: Seventh

About Web Novels

Hello and long time no see. Today is a great day because I finally decided stop procrastinating in writing novel review. But, today’s post is not about Light Novel. It is about a Web Novel. For those that do not know the difference between a Light Novel (LN) and a Web Novel (WN), the main difference would be WNs are novels written on a website called Shousetsuka Ni Narou and freely available to be read online. LNs on the other hand are commercial novel published by publishing companies in Japan like Kadokawa. Sometimes, novels written in Narou pages caught the attention of these company and they will adapted into LNs or mangas before, if famous enough being adapted into animes. Actually there are many LNs that came from WNs like Sword Art Online, Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei, Kono Subarashii Sekai Shukufuku Wo and Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. And currently, many writers tend to write stories with reincarnation in a different world as its premise. Not that I’m complaining though.

Alright back to the topic at hand. Since the topic for today is on a WN, I will be sharing the link to the translation. Honestly though, I don’t really read WNs because the style of the writing and the quality of the translation tend to not be as good as LNs. However, this novel here today, I can assure you that it has a good writing style as well as high quality translation. Kudos to Yorai-Kun for such a great translation work.

The Novel Itself

Seventh' Light Novel Volume 1 cover featuring Lyle Walt and ancestors.
Title: Seventh

Author: Wai/Mishima Yomu

Status of WN: Completed with a gaiden series

WN link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3250cl/

Translation link: https://yoraikun.wordpress.com/7s-chapters/

Translation status: 57.14%

Alright, this time I will not be posting a quote from the novel since... you can read it yourselves.

The Story (A Legend? Maybe)

By the way, I don’t recommend reading the gaiden series first unless you don’t mind spoilers. The gaiden story take place thousand of years after the end of the main story.

The story is about the adventure of our pitiful protagonist, Lyle Walt. He was born in Walt House, a Count House of the superpower nation, Bahnseim. And, Walt House is basically the strongest house in the nation as you will see as you follow the story. The story starts with the duel between our protagonist, Lyle Walt and his little sister, Celes Walt. The twist in the story is that, this is not a story about brocon little sister or siscon brother. The little sister hate Lyle with passion. Well long story short, he was defeated by his sister and cast out of the house.

Celes Walt

Yes he was abandoned by his family, well there is reason for that. It’s better for you to read it yourselves. (The link is above)

Abandoned by his family, wounded as he was from the duel, he was saved by the gardener, Zell. Zell saved him and also gave him Walt House’s heirloom, a blue gem.

Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to mention the mechanics used in this story. This story is like your typical RPG story with monsters, magic, sword, mana and skill. Skill is an ability possesses by the character and is classified into 3 classes, Vanguard Skill, Rear Guard Skill and Support Class Skill. Gems are used to record the skills so that people other than the original owner of the skill can use it. Well, nearing the middle part of the story more secret of the gems are revealed. Red gems record Vanguard skills, yellow gems record Rear guard skills and blue gems record Support Class skills.

Back to the story, Zell gave Lyle the Walt House’s heirloom because he is the one that is holding it at the moment after the previous head (Lyle’s grandfather) gave it to him to add some ornament to it and Zell did not have the opportunity to give it to the current head. He believes that Lyle will need it more than anyone. And this gem, plays a very important role in the story.

When a gem recorded 8 skills, it will evolve into a jewel. The holder of the jewel will not only be able to use the skills recorded, they will be able to truly master it. Why?

Because the jewel also recorded the soul of its previous owner. Yes, the moment Lyle obtained the jewel and manifested a skill, his ancestors started to regain consciousness in the jewel. From the First Generation Head to the Seventh Generation Head.

The Ancestors

Walt House's ancestors. From left: Sleigh Walt, Crassel Walt, Max Walt, Basil Walt, Fredricks Walt, Fienness Walt, Brod Walt.

First generation head: Basil Walt (Walt House founder)

Second generation head: Crassel Walt

Third generation head: Sleigh Walt

Fourth generation head: Max Walt

Fifth generation head: Fredricks Walt

Sixth generation head: Fienness Walt

Seventh generation head: Brod Walt (Lyle’s grandfather)

Each of the ancestors are a legend of their own with stories, experience and skills that will surely help young Lyle in his journey. Welll... they also have a twisted personality. No, all of those with Walt surname in this story are crazy, I’m not kidding. They are totally evil.

But anyway, with his ancestors and comrades that he gained along the way like his ex-fiance Novem Forxus, Miranda Circry, Shannon Circry, Clara Bulmer and many more, Lyle Walt starts his journey.

Novem Forxus, Lyle's ex-fiance

I have to say, the comedy in this story is golden especially with quirks of the ancestors and Mr. Lyle (?). It is also one hell of an emotional roller coaster, yes it can make you shed manly tears. It has a strategy elements, fighting elements, war elements, nation building elements as Lyle grow with the guidance of his ancestors.

It really is worthy novel to be read and I highly recommend it.

Sevens' Light Novel Volume 2 cover

P/s: this is the only comedy novel with fighting elements that makes me feel like crying when the protagonist power up. Each of his ancestors are there to teach him, when anyone of them finishes their task... *sob sob sob* damnit...


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Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless: No Megane Edition

Hey there guys. Here I am again with another review. Oh right. I'm Wolvenciel. Probably gonna be a bit more consistent these few weeks because Big Boss Rkidzz is on a trip to Japan. Look forward for his travelogue posts yeah?

taken from myanimelist.net

So tonight (or specifically morning) I'll be reviewing "Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless" (Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge) and I'll refer to it as Tanaka-kun for the rest of the review.


Tanaka-kun is basically just another standard slice of life anime featuring a boy's everyday life. No wait I take that back. Its not standard. Its totally out there. I mean the guy is like the most effortless person on the planet. Tanaka (the main character, obviously) is a lazy bum who acts or in his case never acts on anything and always wishes for his days to be as uneventful as possible (even if it means threatening a shrine god).

Yes. He threatened the shrine god. Lol.

The anime tells us about his daily antics and his unending effort to make his days as listless as possible and how Ohta, his best friend, support him in doing so.

Isn't That Just Like Umaru?

Before I kill you for equating Tanaka with that asshole, let me just tell you that Tanaka is someone who understands and admits that he is actually very lazy and useless and sometimes you can see that he's concerned with the people around him and tries his hardest not to annoy them. He's no hypocrite and he stays true to himself and his listlessness.

Yes. Yes it is. I thought so too.

He's just super lazy and his physique is also built around that fact. He gets tired easily. He speaks softly. He doesn't eat as much as a normal growing teenager would too.

That's one hell of a level of tiredness there...

And then there's his best friend, Ohta who carries the role of the doting parent. Literally. This bastard carries Tanaka around as he runs to school, goes for lunch, and halfway back to their house (because Ohta doesn't live near Tanaka). This is due to the fact that Tanaka walks too slowly to school that he's almost always late and Ohta, being the concerned parent that he is, decided that it was upon him to get this lazy ass to school on time.

See. He actually knows that its not good to just slack off so he trains his body so he could slack off in a healthy way... uh...

The interactions between these two are very interesting as they're exact opposites yet they understood and respected one another anyways. Tanaka is always listless (like the title already said) and Ohta is energetic. Tanaka avoids any and all events while Ohta stops by every single troubled soul along the way and offers his services to them. The list goes on and on. You get to enjoy their different view on things and the fact that they still get along really well together despite all those differences.

He tries to avoid anything that comes his way. He hates attention

Is He Anti-Social Then?

Sure, Tanaka might seem lazy (and he is), but he has a knack for attracting people to him due to his overly relaxed mannerism. One very good example would be a loli classmate of his (yes its a loli. Good for you guys who dig that), Miyano who took notice of his laid-back attitude and mistakes it as being mature and reserved.


Miyano ends up calling him shishou (master) as she wants to adapt Tanaka's listless way of life so that she might appear more like an adult (yeah this is kinda standard loli behavior I guess?). However, as the series go by, I see that Miyano is actually pretty observant of things (which is quite a rare quality for lolis in anime to have) and that adds a lot of twist into the series itself. But yes I admit she is kinda cute when she's in her usual happy-go-lucky mood.

One of Tanaka's many advice

The list doesn't end with Miyano obviously. As the series go by, a lot more people gets tangled with Tanaka and one even develop feelings for him (BIG SPOILER HERE). You know what? I'm not even gonna include pics of the girl here. Because I liked the girl so much. And yes. Yes, you've guessed it. Its a megane. Try to find her as you watch the anime, yeah?

Any Comments?

Well. Plot-wise, there isn't really anything to comment on because its a slice of life anime. I kinda got interested in this one because Tanaka reminded me of myself back in the days (and now too I guess) but I guess being drowsy and sleepy all the time doesn't mean you're listless.

He's talking about Ohta by the way...

The art is pretty damn awesome (no I didn't check which studio did this) for a slice of life anime that my little brother thought this was some shounen battle anime or something. But its not. Its about a guy who just wanna relax all day and do nothing.

Yep. There's a tsun in this anime. If that's your thing, watch it. She's actually cute.

The soundtrack used also matches really well with Tanaka as in... uh you feel very relaxed and its hard to watch this in the middle of the night as you tend to want to just sleep and not care about shit at all. Its got that soothing and relaxed melody that just makes you wanna drown yourself in it and doze off.

Another Tanaka advice. And I agree.

I'm Tired Too

Well I think that's about it? I kinda get the feeling that twelve episodes of Tanaka is not enough so I guess it must be really good. I mean, if you want more, that means its good, right?

One of Ohta's golden reactions

Or maybe I just like slice of life animes. Yeah. Probably. Oh. I forgot to mention. Ohta is a husband material so even if you don't like Tanaka, watch the anime for Ohta. Yep. Definitely.

I like how they show this. Its... very relatable. I used to do this all the time. Doze off while writing, that is.

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Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen review

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen is an anime that caters greatly to both people who actually enjoyed the first season and people who played the visual novel itself. Doing both of the things I've said earlier would be the best way to actually enjoy the anime to its fullest, but for those who haven't, fear not, it is still watchable.

When I came to, I realized I was standing in the middle of a vast, snowy plain I knew nothing of. I didn't know how I got there. And to add to that, I couldn't remember anything, not even my name. I stood there, dumbfounded at my absurd situation. But then, as if to spite me further, a gigantic monster suddenly appeared, an insect-like creature that began to bear down on me. I tried desperately to run, but it cornered me into a hopeless situation. It was then that the girl appeared. Her name was Kuon. It was this beautiful girl, who bore an animal's ears and tail, who saved my life. (Source: ANN)

The anime is best split into two different arcs; the slow, slice of life arc for the first 12 episodes and a more serious, battle arc at the latter 13 episodes. The first arc is something new compared to its older, more serious counterpart, where it is mostly dedicated on thoroughly developing the characters bit by bit, by interactions and light-hearted scene. The slice of life part, where comedies and humour are mixed into the story makes it really entertaining. Each character are revealed one by one, and some of their backgrounds are told slowly. There are even cameos from the first season which is a really nice eyecandy for fans of the series.Problem is that with such large amount of cast, there are bound to be imbalance in telling each of their stories and developing their characters as a whole, and as such the anime compromise by mostly focusing on the main characters, Haku. Not to say it is a bad idea, but the consequences make some of the supporting characters feels insignificant, and mostly there as a plot device. Furthermore, given that the story starts off with relatively peaceful tone, it is quite a shock as the story progress into the darker, more serious second half. The battle arc, as I would like to call it, is where most of the real stuff happens. Haku dealt with a turnaround in his life as he encounters the reality of war and death itself, and struggle to take back his peaceful daily life. The end of each episode makes you want to have more, awaiting for what to happen next compared to the more relaxing first arc. Not to spoil much, but this arc gives me a much bigger impression to the fantasy setting of the anime as a whole. Note that the anime is based on the first of two Itsuwari no Kamen visual novel, so it ends with a cliffhanger, making the entire anime feels like the half-done in term of story.

The characters of this anime as I've said before, is large. As a result, most of them end up as a relief and resemble most anime archetypes in term of personalities. Haku is your lazy ass protagonist, who despite his innate ability, prefer a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. He is fun to watch, as he usually do things in his own way, or at time get pushed by others to do work and stuff. His characetrs may seems really bland at first, with no disntinct past or memories  because of his amnesia, but as the story progress on, the viewers are being told about his origin; a major plot point for the story itself. Kuon is your lovable cat-eared heroine. She is cute, curious, caring, can be a little perverted and have a mother-like tendency; in short she is a great waifu material. Her character remains mostly static, with a little development here and there, but her past are not explored thoroughly and left untold for the most part. She is really entertaining for the most part to say the least. Other important character include Ukon, which to not spoil much is a great guy who acts like a bro to the protagonist and helps to direct the story and moves the plot forward. There are also characters like Atui, Anju, Nosuri, Rurutie and some others in Haku group that helps him in his daily life and adventures.

The art and animation are decent for this kind of anime. There are not much to complain in truth, because it is visually pleasing enough to watch, with little to no quality issues. The usage of bright vibrant colour in the first half and a darker palette later on is a nice touch, giving a sense of a change in mood and tone of the story. The backgrounds are drawn in great details, especially in regard to the medievall japan style archetectures and the beautiful natures. The animation are mostly fluid, with dynamic battle scene at time although the warring scene could use a little more attention in details. As for the sound, both the OP songs is my favourite, with a mix of fast paced and traditional tune in it, while the ED song is a much calmer, accompanied with beautiful nature background. The soundtrack used fits most of the scene, and are really nice to hear overall. Most voice actors where pretty good and the majority of the characters did a good job at impersonating their character. 

Overall, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen is a decent anime if you are looking for a fantasy midieval-japan style anime with a touch of slice of life and serious political dispute in the other half. It is a really decent anime and could be enjoyed by both fans and people who are new to it. In fact, it might be a kick start for them to actually watch the prequel or play the game itself.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

FLCL: Sorry Gainax Fans But WTF

Hey there guys its the ever elusive Wolvenciel back again after how many friggin months of silence. Yeah I'm not even gonna go into that. let's call it summer laziness yeah?

taken from draculascave.co

Today it's gonna be about FLCL or fancy name Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri. I would like to say in advance that this isn't really a review. I'm gonna just say some stuff about this anime in terms of MY OPINION. Again, you should not take it to heart and watch it anyways if... if you want (or if you have watched it and liked it, don't kill me please).

Wacky Art Style

Okay. I won't deny that the anime did have a very... out of the box level of art. Sometimes its normal, and then suddenly its high def fighting scenes and then the next second its a little bit like Southpark. They switch them artstyles so much you won't be able to keep up (I'm actually complimenting them). It was kind of fun to watch the different and wacky art transform from one into the other. I'll include some examples below.

sometimes its like this

and then there's those faces you see slapped on twitch streams

and then it switches into a manga 

and for some awkward reason... Southpark...

Maybe I'm Too Dumb

Aside from the art, I can see hints of... uh... how do you say this... moral values in this anime. But that's just it. Hints. Maybe I'm too dumb to see anything out of this anime. And no I am not gonna watch it again in slow motion or anything just so I could tell you what exactly is happening. I'm just going on the safe side and say that this probably is like a high level literature that I can't comprehend with my little head. F**k you Gainax I hate you. My brain hurts watching this. It doesn't make too much sense.

yeah this one hint of moral value

Other Good Points?

I'm scraping in what I can find that makes it bearable for me to watch. So... there's the good graphics (I mean it wouldn't have won third prize for that best art something something award for nothing) and MEGANE girl. Sure it was like... two minutes... but still. A megane girl. So yeah. Two points.

the transformation sequence was really good in this scene (plus look at the contrast)

Aaaaand spectacles. Spectacles.

Last Thoughts

Yeah sure the anime is about this boy starting to become a man and having weird thoughts and stuff. But how the hell did it turn out into a razzmatazz of robots fighting each other who turns out to be a pirate king who is being monitored by a health corporation. I mean really. That is just too much for me to take in.

this is one of the "suddenly, something happens" scene

I kind of lost track of everything in the anime because it got compacted too much and everything was happening at the same time. I saw the potential really... uh... hints of it anyways. But as it stands, holy shit I have no idea what the hell the anime is actually about. So yeah. If you think you're a smart aleck who have kickass abstract thoughts screaming to see some good literature, this is for you.

Oh really mate it does matter...
I'll... pass... Wolvenciel, signing off.


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