Saturday, June 11, 2016

Touhou for Beginners: Playing With Safespots

Phew... such a long hiatus due to some issues on my hardware. 

Alright. still alive and managed to jump back into the depth of Gensokyo, I'm here to tell you guys about this.... so beautiful, so magical phenomenon called "safespots".

What exactly is safespot? safe spots! A special sanctruary that shelters the player fro,m getting hit by bullets... AT ALL. Sounds crazy right? Trusrt me, there are several safespots that can be found in the game.

Beforewe get to the main point, lets learn more about safespots and their nature. some danmaku will have a fixed pattern. some might change depending on time and health. I'm not really sure if it was intended by ZUN himself or it is a flaw in his programming that causes some danmaku to have a tiny spot where it is totally safe to stay there without moving. Who cares, f it makes the game easier then why not?

There are multiple examples of safespots But I will show the ones that are confirmed to be able to be obtained consistently. 

1st clip, TH08 (Extra Stage)
I should say one of the easiest to be done. Only works using Reimu/ Yukari.  Immediately move to the bottom left edge of the screen when the final fairy appears. Possible to be done with other characters but the position need to be shifted slightly to the right.

2nd Clip, TH06 )Extra Stage)
Not as easy as the 1st clip but can be done quickly with practice. At the 6th spellcard named Starbow Break, Quickly move tro the top left edge of the screen and move very slightly to the right which is by the size of the player's hitbox..

3rd clip, TH07 (Extra Stage)
This is a tricky one. The timing for this safespot is very crucial because there are 2 phase for the player to reposition. One is for the beginning of the spellcard and the other one is when the boss starts firing the Round red bullets.Plus, if you move too much, so as the boss and it will ultimately disrupts the safespot and the bullet direction becomes non uniform, making it even harder to dodge the bullets.

There are also several safespots in the normal stage but it is even harder to achieve than the ones in the clip... except for one which made Cirno famous.

TH06 Easy mode, Stage 2. Just stand on front opf her during her 1st spellcard. Try it. 

There should be even more safespots that are yet to be discovered. However, not all of them are easily done. Some of it do helps you win the game but mostly it is just for fun. It wouldn't hurt to test it out though.

Next review should be up by next week so stay tuned. Bye!

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