Thursday, May 5, 2016

Touhou review: TH14.3 Impossible Spellcard

TH 14.3 Impossible Spellcard

Just as the title of the game says. This installment is about collecting spellcards that are quite deemed impossible to beat (not absolutely though with proper skills). The game has various spellcards from most of the bosses of the touhou series. 

Since it is said to be impossible, player (which happened to be Kijin Seija) will be using items to cheat in order to defeat the spellcards. Of course, if the player somehow can defeat the spellcard without using any items, greater bonus will be given but as a reinder. Seija has a very low damage per second of bullets, small area of shooting and rather large hitbox. It is considered a feat for someone to actually beat all the spellcards without using the items.

Seija will have 2 Items to be hold at a time (Primary and Secondary). Primary item will mainly be an active item that can be activated by pressing the "x"button. Secondary item mainly provide passive skill but some of it can be activated as primary item but with less amount of the item in stock. A detailed explanation of the item's purposes are shown here

The game has 10 pages of spellcards list which are shown as days. Thus, the game as a total of 10 days where the difficulty increases per day. 

The 9-edge star will show tow the player beat the specific spellcard. Clearing a spellcard with using a specific item will only make the star to have 1~2 glow on one of the edge, depending on what item the player is using. If the player managed to defeat that spellcard without using item, the star will have all edge glow with the green center.

Examples of the spellcards in this game

This game somehow takes you back to the photo shooting danmaku like TH 9.5 or TH 12.5 but.... this time, you can actually fight back and less unforgiving. The game is still hard but... you can "cheat"with the items. However, that doesn't really make the game easy. It still requires basic skills of playing danmaku to actually complete the whole game. The positive way of looking to this game is that it makes the player to sharpen almost all of the danmaku skills and gain beter insight of the spellcards in any other game of this genre.

Link to this game (Moriya Shrine)

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