Saturday, April 9, 2016

Touhou Review: TH 14 Double Dealing Character

TH 14 Double Dealing Character

The official 14th game of the Touhou project series. It has a rather simple mechanics which makes the game can be easily understandable and less unfair (I guess?). 

As usual, something happened in Gensokyo, again. The youkai are restless and starts rebelling. Plus, the weapon of the playable characters are also acting strange where it started to move on its own or start exhibiting unusual behavior. Once again, the heroines are on the move to find the source if the current situation. The player is given a choice to use their "transformed" weapon or cast it aside to use the classic type of attack (Even the spellcards are different when using it).

The playable characters in this game are Reimu, Matisa and Sakuya. With the choices stated before, there are total of 6 different playthroughs in this game. Reimu will have her Purification rod to move on its own, Marisa's mini-Hakkero (the one that she uses for most of her spellcards) starts to spits out fire while Sakuya has found a weird knife that tend to also move on its own. Each one of those will have a rather new experience on using the existing characters. 

The mechanics however, is quite simple where it focuses on the item collection point and the number of item collected in 1 go (moving to the top of the screen) There are minimum number of items should be collected in order to obtain bonuses. Bomb piece will be awarded if the player reach that number per collection. There are also maximum number as well where the life piece will be obtained instead. This makes the game quite easy to play since bombs and life are easily obtained. Plus, if the player cleared a spellcard ot\r the spellcard cooldown phase, bomb or life piece will be awarded as well. The videos will show how the gameplay and how easy it can be if the items collection are managed properly. 

The CG also showed how the weapon looks like

Stage 5. Now this is a real unique battle. Imagine the screen and the controls inverted

Stage 6. This is also quite unique because there is survival spellcard on a regular story mode

Extra stage. The spellcards and the bullets are fired with a beat especally at the final spellcard

The game is quite easy and also able to provide challenges. More than 2 Bombs and 2 Lives can be obtained per stage is a great advantaage to the player. Definitely the ones that a casual player can clear and also experience the challenge like Stage 5 boss battle. I've never felt any other stage 5 bosses of any touhou game as unique as this one since touhou 6 (time stopping in spellcards).

Below are the link to the game (Moriya Shrine)

That's it for the Touhou 14. Stay tuned for the next review and also another tips for Touhou beginners. see ya!

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