Sunday, April 3, 2016

Touhou for Beginners: Move less, Die less

Alright... In regular touhou danmaku games. What kills you? Literally almost everything that was thrown by the enemy right? For some cases the enemy even throws herself to you like... Meiling with her kicks, Aya with her dash, Suika with her stomp. 

Putting that aside, there are not all bullets that are meant to hit the player. However the vast amount of bullets might  overwhelm the player, making them panic and move around too much, causing the layer to die much easily. Actually, not all bullets are meant to hit the player. As you can see, the hitbox of the player is approximately 5x5 pixels and it is even smaller if it is Reimu (her special passive). So, The bullets are also have smaller hit box than what it looks like in-game. Thus, if the enemy is throwing many bullets at the player, try to stay calm and assess if the bullets are actually targeted to the player or not. If not, try to stay at the same spot without moving. Still, there might still be some bullets that will hit you so THAT is where the player have to put their focus on. Like in previous post, move as little as possible just to dodge that specific bullets and not to move too far from the original position or else you're gonna get in trouble by the swarm of bullets that are not supposed to pose a threat in the beginning.

Here is some short clips of what I'm talking about

Touhou 4  (of all the bullets, only 4 are targeted to the player)

Touhou 5 (This is even funnier, just stay right under and it's done)

Touhou 7 (Bullets are rather slow and only need to move only slightly to pass through all the bullets)

Touhou 14 (Lasers that only targets few pixels to the side of your hit box upon fire)

Touhou 14.3 (Only move when the laser pattern changes and stay at the safe spot before the pattern changes again. Fast forward due to a long spellcard)

Combining with the streaming method, playing touhou will be much easier. Plus, at some points, the bullets not only misses you but also gives out lots of bonus points for grazing. My main point for this post is "move less, die less".

 Well... not all situations for this to work but it there is more to come in the next post. See ya!

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