Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Touhou Review: TH 12.5 Double Spoiler

TH 12.5 Double Spoiler

Ahhh. Just when you think that a game of a super hard danmaku photograph capturing is enough, ZUN stamped a huge NOPE and made ANOTHER one. Seriously, this kind of game is hard. Well, practically most people see all touhou games are generally hard but trust me, this genre of photograph capturing is on a new tier of difficulty above its regular release.

The story is basically the continuation of TH 9.5 but now with new bosses featured from TH 10
~ TH 12 and also, there is a new rival on newspaper release. Himekaidou Hatare, a tengu like Aya, decided to declare war against Aya as the player progress through the game.

This game might be considered harder than its predecessor but the game now has much refined mechanics compared to TH 9.5. The game now allows the player to change the camera rotation from landscape to portrait mode. Unlike, TH 9.5 where camera is fixed to landscape mode makes player to take more risk to get closer to the boss to take a photo. Now with portrait mode, shots can be taken from a more relaxing distance. Second, upon the spoiler page where war between Aya and Hatate takes place, Hatate will be unlocked as a playable character. She uses different approach in taking photographs for her newspapers. Here are the difference ts between Aya and Hatate about their pros and cons:

Shameimaru Aya (SLR camera)

  • Longer time gap between shots due film rolling.
  • Longer range due to enhanced zooming but focused area gradually gets smaller by time.
  • Larger size of picture
Himekaidou Hatate (Spirit Photography)
  • Shorter time gap between shots.
  • Inferior range from Aya due to limited zooming but focus area does not shrink as obvious as Aya when zooming.
  • Slightly smaller area of capture (have height of photo to be equal to the width of Aya's photo but at cost of a very small width)

Below are some screenshots and a video of the game

Pressing "C" in the Stage selection menu changes the character. Unlocked after clearing Spoiler stage. Both of them have rather different way of commenting each stages

Gameplay. Each clip are arranged in increasing difficulty (supposedly)

My opinion? HARD but should be passable with great perseverance. . The game might have much refined gameplay but that doesn't really makes the game easy. Imagine every single stage there will be 4 difficulties in it? And there is more than 60 stages to go through. Imagine Reimu throws you a bunch of HUGE newspaper at you? (video shown above). Anyways, the game is still fun but some endurance and also... extreme focus, patience and the player's insight on danmaku gaming is essential to actually enjoy this game.

Below are the link to the game (moriya shrine)

This marks the end of the first part Modern Era of Touhou Project. Next week will be the review on the first game on the second part Modern Era. See ya!

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