Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Touhou Review: TH 12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law

TH 12.3 Unthinkable Natural Law

The third official fighting game of the series and the final version among the three (TH 7.5, TH10.5, TH 12.3). The game still uses the similar sprites but now with new characters and several updates on the existing characters and minor touchup on the gameplay mechanics. The new characters to be included are Sanae, Cirno, Mei Ling, Utsuho and Suwako. However, Mei Ling have once appeared in TH 7.5 and somehow not appear in TH 10 5 but reintroduced back into this game.

The story starts when the 3 of the new characters (Sanae, Cirno and Mei Ling) have seen / feel that there is a giant in Gensokyo. Each of them have their own branching story route and ends up to a different conclusion. Their story end up in a rather funny way instead.

As for the game mechanics, grazing bullets now no longer consumes spirit energy, player are able to have even more complex deck construction with more choices of card such as item card and weather card. Characters in this game will have more variety of colour palette. Some characters in the previous game such as Alice got nerfed, where only 2 of her dolls can fire lasers now. Reisen has been nerfed where 2 of her spirit attacks no longer have after images. Patchouli has been improved where some of her spirit attacks have batter accuracy and range. The rest have new spell cards for themselves.

Note: new cards need to be unlocked and in order to use the characters from TH 10.5, there are specific way that need to be done as shown below.

Open the configex123.ini using notepad,

Complete the path required (location of the TH10.5 folder)

Here are some screenshots and videos of the game

Okuu is a bird.... Overly powered bird with brain of a bird

Raimu + glowing red eyes + dark miasma. Man that looks evil

Fighting catfish cuz why not

Full playthrough on Cirno's route. All her opponents are very strong especially Okuu who uses nuclear power.

This game is basically the same as TH 10.5 but with extra characters. There are several new arranged OST from its danmaku release. The multiplayer function is so fun to play with because there are not many fighting games that has projectiles as main attacks.

Below are the link to download the game (moriya shrine)

That's it for TH 12.3. The next game will be the continuation of the photography danmaku game which is TH 12.5 *sigh*. That game is hard. See ya in the next post!

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