Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kantai Collection Winter 2016 Event【Sortie! Operation Rei-Gō】picture gallery

Kancolle Winter 2016 Sortie! Operation Rei-Gō was a great, small scale event.

The first map was really easy, as well as the second one. The third one however, is a little bit challenging. There is 2 part in this map, making it like 2 maps combined as 1. The final boss node was really hard. 1 hard to kill boss escorted by 3 heavy, powerful ship is just too much for my sanity. Regardless, lucky shot and torpedo salvo consecutively by Birsmark, Yukikaze and Kitakama saved the day. Some notable drop includes rare event destroyers. Now, I almost completed all the ship collection for this game as a whole.

It is a short event, but it was fun nevertheless.

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