Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Touhou Review: TH12 Undefined Fantastic Object

TH12 Undefined Fantastic Object

Undefined. Yes. the title says it all. Lots of weird stuffs happening in this game. Imagine you have UFOs, a nun with ability to control a cloud spirit, throwing fists in a danmaku battle, a disciple of Bishamonten and a Youkai Jesus. 

From the story, there are weird flying objects resembling the typical representation of UFO in the skies of Gensokyo. This caused the main characters Reimu, Marisa and Sanae) to investigate the situation, The enemies that the player encounter have their own agenda which is to free a a human that was sealed for over 1000 years. Through the journey up to Makai, player will eventually meet with that sealed human (HIjiri Byakuren) to find out that she is a person who is very kind to both humans and youkais. 

The mechanics of the game has drastically changed from the previous (TH10 & 11) where Bomb are returned to the usual ones and no longer consume player's power. Instead, The game now introduces its unique mechanics where the player will have to collect the UFO to obtain certain things. There are 3 different colours of the UFOs and each colour gives different bonuses upon collecting 3 of them in a row. 

Blue gives player Boost on the multiplier for blue piece, Green gives player Bomb and Red gives player life. Upon collecting 3 of the same colours, A large version of the specific colour of the UFO will appear within a short time. During that time, the UFO will absorb all the blue and red pieces and will release extra bonus if it absorbs past the specific amount. Remember! Shoot the UFO down right after the bonus is released or before the timer runs out or the UFO will vanish and no bonus wil be given if that happens. The video of several stages will be shown below showing on how to collect and fully utilize the UFO mechanics.

Kancolle before it was cool

Laser you say? Touhou 12 already got tonnes of them

Stage 3 playthrough Cloud fists are huge and intimidating

Stage 6 playthrough. There are some spellcards resemble the danmaku by the Touhou 5 Final boss, Shinki (Images shown below). The battle took place at Makai after all

Touhou 12

Touhou 5

Extra stage playthrough. The boss is not that hard but the real challenge is to utilize the UFO and collect as many Lives and Bombs as possible before the boss battle starts

This game should not be that difficult if not for the UFO mechanics. The player not only have to shoot to win but also to risk its lives to maneuver through the bullet  to grab the UFO since it was moving at random direction. Doing more risky stuff means higher chance to mess up and end up in a game over. For casual players, they will find this game very difficult even on the normal mode. For easier clearance, I suggest using Sanae because she has strong AOE attack as its shots type. Other than the difficulty, the game finally has nice bomb animation. Every single one of the bombs looks awesome and powerful. 

Here is the link to the game (Moriya Shrine)

Next Touhou review will be about the expansion pack of TH 10.5 which is TH 12.3. Stay tuned for the next review. See ya!

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