Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Starter Kit For Hori-san and Miyamura-kun

Hey guys. Miss me? Its been a bit hectic these two weeks that I haven't really been able to post (plus my own inconsistencies) so now I'm high on coffee and trying to write stuff that actually makes sense.

Before I lose all these words from my jittery brain, I'll start by saying that this isn't a review. Yeah well you might have guessed it from the title. Shocker really. This is the second non-review post I'm writing. Take it as a crash course to this very lovely rom-com slice of life series called Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. The reason why I did not do a review for this one is going to be explained, no worries.

Sorry the quality isn't good. really I'm squinting to read myself

So first of all, this series started as a four-panel comic (or 4koma for short) which was later made into an anime and also a spinoff serialization that is still ongoing until today. For those who are too lazy to read and prefer watching stuff can go check out the anime. Its only three episodes as it is based off the four-panel comics so think of it as killing two birds with one stone. You watch the anime, you also kind of read the 4koma as well.

See. Its simple and cute.

A lot of people complained about the anime, saying that it was ugly, that it was as if its a fan made anime. I would like to say otherwise. Sure, the animations and the art seem simplistic and not very detailed, but that is what makes the anime so much more colorful. If you friggin compare the anime to the manga, then yes the manga hands down have the better everything. But remember. I specifically said the anime was a 4koma adaptation. So just please. Enjoy the anime as you will a four friggin panel comic. Trust me. The story and the adorable HoriMiya couple will keep you entertained all the way to episode three (and then you'll beg for more).

(As stated above, I took this from mangafox) This is the manga equivalent of the 4koma earlier

After watching the anime, then you decide by yourself whether you should read the spinoff manga or just plain stay lazy and go watch other animes and miss a good rom-com manga (its ranked 9th on mangafox. So yeah) I've read the manga a little bit and yes of course it is a lot better than the anime and its better illustrated and etcetera etcetera. I still want it in anime form though. One thing about the manga is that its more shoujofied (no its not a word) but it still retains that funny foolish look that the characters have in the anime (if not enhanced). Check it out, really.

Yeah that's... Miyamura after haircut.

Oh right. The reason why I didn't want to review the Hori-san to Miyamura-kun anime. It has only three episodes. The most I could give is... the summary of the first episode. And even that is really short. Maybe if they made another anime based on the manga spinoff, I'd do a full review then.

p/s: Everyone who knows about HoriMiya demands another anime adaptation. I'm sure you will too.

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