Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Review

At first I was really skeptical when I take a glimpse at this anime. It's probably just another ecchi trash that is just there to satisfy a certain target group carnal desire. But oh boy, I was wrong, very wrong indeed. Shimoneta is not your usual ecchi anime. It's taken ecchi comedy to a whole new level.

The story follows sixteen years after the "Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising" banned coarse language in the country. Tanukichi Okuma enrolls in the country's leading elite public morals school and is soon invited into the Anti-Societal Organization (SOX) by its founder, Ayame Kajou. As a member blackmailed into joining by Ayame, Tanukichi ends up taking part in obscene acts of terrorism against the talented student council president Anna, for whom Tanukichi has a crush on. (Source: ANN)

The story itself seem overly ridiculous. There is so much nonsense that your brain just give up on logical thinking and just go on watching for the pure comedic factor. But after a while, you realise that it was actually a really clever anime. Behind the overly sexual theme, there was a hidden message  about fighting against the government's violation of freedom of speech and getting rid of all forms of censorship throughout society. It feels a lot like an author who had gotten fed up with the current system and who decided to write this story out of spite. The plot was really straightforward, but towards the end it feels like it doesn't really accomplish anything much. Nevertheless, it is a witty comedy full of satire and endless fun.

The characters in the anime is really enjoyable to watch. Other than the plain looking protagonist, the characters design fits the anime really well, to a point that one character does resemble to a male genitalia for some reason. Tanukichi, the main character is plain looking, but it is enjoyable to get him pushed around and transformed into some kind of hentai kamen. The main attraction of the show however is Ayame Kajou, or Blue Snow. Her personalities change are really drastic, and she is super crazy in the way she talks and act. She kept spouting suggestive words and cleverly makes random pun out of it here and there. There is also other character like Anna, who is just plain crazy when her switch is on, a gloomy mad scientist that help organization in secret, an artist that goes hyper when inspiration kicks in as well as many other crazy casts. 

The animation and art are pretty much average, just like what you would expect for the standards of anime nowadays. The OP and ED music are a joy to sing along to, giving a hint on how absurd the anime would be. The soundtrack and sound effect are spot on and just there when you would expect them to be.

Overall, Shimoneta is just a rollercoaster of pure crazy fun. If you want to find an anime for the hilariously absurd comedy with underlying satirical messages, this is the anime for you. It is refreshing, a totally fresh breath of air that takes comedy to another level. Not many anime is as 'innovative' yet Shimoneta does it jobs perfectly.

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