Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bikini Warriors Review

What happens when you gather up a bunch of hentai doujin artist and let them do the character design for a short anime with straight up random stuff and purely for fanservice? The result would be Bikini Warrior. I must admit, I do enjoy ecchi stuff sometimes. But if it's too much, I might as well go for sadpanda instead. Just like sweet stuff. It's good, but too much of it gives you diabetes.

Bikini Warriors tell a tale of a team of four brave women -- Fighter (also the daughter of a legendary warrior who saved the country in the past), Paladin, Mage, and Darkelf -- accept the quest of saving the world from destruction. In order to achieve the goal they have to barter with villagers and fight against numerous monsters in their sexy and scantily-clad bikinis. (Source: ANN)

True to their title, it's just a story of bikini clad females going about random adventure each episodes and making funs of video games tropes. It is clever since it's not just a pure fanservice anime, but a mix of fanservice and satire elements. People who enjoy playing RPG and understand most of the reference they make fun of will totally relate; the same type of bikini armor but the only difference is the higher Magic Defense rating, being able to take townspeople stuff without no consequences, starting your journey piss poor without any money, buying a rare stuff only to get it inside a dungeon later on, and many more. There is no connection whatsoever between each episodes; it's purely episodic. Most of the time they just focus on doing fanservices; tentacles, groping, nudity, you name it. It's excessive, since it doesn't really serve any function at all, other for you to ogle on them. Thankfully each episodes is only 3 minutes long, so it doesn't get into your nerve that much.

The characters design are really good, given that each of them are designed by different artists. Each of them looks really distinct from each other, from the energetic warrior, matured dark elf, beautiful paladin and cute mage. I don't really have any issue with their clothing whatsoever, since it's the whole point of the story itself. There is no character development, since the whole story is just random occurrence in between episodes. As such, the characters are rather forgettable.

The art and animation are surprisingly superb. The colour palette are vibrant, and the animation are decent. Each characters are drawn beautifully, and mostly suggestively. The only problem with this anime is the lack of music. There is no OP since it's a very short anime, and the ED/ credit music sounds like a random national anthem. The soundtrack are non-existent, probably because they focused too much on the art instead.

Bikini Warrior is a rather trashy fanservice anime, but it is fun to watch if you get the satire message they try to convey in every episodes. For people who frequently plays RPG, or just love boobs in general, it's a perfect way to waste your free time since it's a very short anime. Otherwise, avoid it at all cost.

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