Thursday, December 24, 2015

FFXV Comic Fiesta Talk: For Casuals Only

Hey guys. Its me, the ever inconsistent idiot, Wolvenciel here to bring you something else that is not a review (but in a way its like a summary I guess). Last week I went to Comic Fiesta, an anime/manga/games/japanese convention that is held annually in Malaysia. Truth be told it was one of the more bland Comic Fiesta but I've only been there three times so what do I know huh.

Anyways, getting straight on point I'll be summarizing stuff that was presented during the FFXV talk they had in the afternoon section of Day 1 Comic Fiesta. The talk was given by Square Enix's Hajime Tabata and Wan Hazmer from Business Division 2 (you can google them up as to what they do on the game, I forgot).

Though it was like a presentation, it was delivered in a casual way
So they talked about a lot of stuff so I'll just cut around them and explain to you guys just a few key points of the game. Again, read the title. If you're a hardcore fanatic FF fan you'd be following the updates by the devs via the net and THERE IS NOTHING NEW HERE. I'm just saying.

Judging from the slides, you can see it was a bit boring... 
 They explained most of the basic stuff like the theme, setting and the characters in Final Fantasy 15 and I'm sure even you casuals know this stuff. But I'll still say it. The story is about this prince, Noctis (his real name is long as hell so I'm not gonna go there) who lost his country and journeys with his friends to reclaim it. Wan Hazmer explained that they made the theme a bit general (reclaiming a country isn't an unusual theme) and easier to understand as they wanted to aim for a more general audience. YES. THIS MEANS YOU. YOU CASUAL FF PLAYER. He says that even someone who doesn't play any FF game would at least have a look at this one. We'll see when it comes out.

Nothing to see here. Scroll down please

Now lets go on to the world design/mechanics. They played some clips on how you drive in the game and the views that you get while driving. Its awesome (yes its expected of Square Enix but still its VERY NICE). The guys also emphasized that after such a long time, TOWNS are now back in the franchise (cries tears of joy). Yeah well all of the 13 games... don't have towns in them... sadly... The driving is just okay in my opinion. Yeah fine the world is friggin huuuuge and there are just cars passing by and the four people in the car bantering with each other so I'm pretty sure it'll still get boring in the long run. But there's the scenic view and the monsters on the roadside for you to kill that boredom with. So I digress.

Yeah guy. Get your phone in my picture, I don't mind. Heh.
 Another new mechanic introduced in this franchise is fishing. Yes fishing. And its a bit like what you get from those old fishing games in PS2 or in your phone but with some FF fishes/monsters as well.
"Even the fishing itself feels like you're in a battle with monsters" - Wan Hazmer
The fishing mechanics looks enjoyable enough to me. Plus, it uses the standard game's battle OST. So that makes you feel like you're really battling a monster (even more so when you're actually fishing one). However, what surprised me the most about this is that you can cook and eat the fishes you caught. I wouldn't know what effect they would have but I guess it would be like those monster hunter games I guess (really I don't know they didn't say anything about this).

I'm not sure if that's a lot or just a few.
Last but not least, there are chocobos. They run, they glide, they jump, and they friggin DRIFT. So it'd be at least a bit more enjoyable now for you to ride on. At the end of the talk they showed how detailed they wanted the game to be. They measured all these real life aspects like shadows and saturation and cloud shades and all those natural phenomenons and tried to make them go alive in the game. I think its awesome that they actually put a lot of effort in this one (because f**k XIII). Still. We'll see when it actually comes out huh.

P/S: To Malaysian readers, Hazmer put in Teh Tarik in the game. Look it up on youtube or something.

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