Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Admiral Rkidz and Shipgirls Wedding

Today is finally the day I get to marry all my favourite shipgirls after one and a half year being a teitoku. It is truly the most wonderful day for a kantai collection players after all the hardwork, time and resources poured into the game.

By now, I'm already a level 104 teitoku with 2 first-class medals. 

Nagato is the first shipgirl I fell in love with. She is strong, beautiful and dependable. She looked serious, but had a hidden cute side within her. I've tried to craft her for more than a year. Waiting, hoping, dreaming, crying. But finally, she somehow dropped. Not from the construction dock, not from LSC, but from map drop. During the Saury Event no less. Took me by surprise, can't believe my eyes. I've been a level 102 admiral by then, and she is the last shipgirls that I need to prepare for my huge weddings. Kept you waiting huh, Big 7.

Kaga is a very beautiful woman. She has this cool and matured aura. Her presence itself is very relaxing. She is the most used aircraft carrier I have, and prove to be a great asset for every battle. She will make sure you get air superiority each sortie, and that's why she's very dependable. She does however eat a lot of bauxite, but that's also a cute side of her. 

Tenryuu is a very cute woman. She tries very hard to look tough and menacing, but deep inside she is still rather childish. She has been a great caretaker for the destroyer class, taking care of them in each expedition non-stop. One would wonder you would marry a ship with significant stats and not very useful in sorties. The reason I've played this game however is for the shipgirls itself, not the game mechanics. And ship like Tenryuu is what keeps me going on, and push forward to be a better teitoku.

Haruna is a charming woman. She is the first ship to reach level 99 since I've been using her for almost every sortie that need a battleship. Her smile always makes me feel warm inside. She looks very innocence compared to her other sisters, yet that's her main charm point. She had stayed with me for a while now, and prove to be very dependable. For Haruna, it's always daijoubu.

Wish me happiness guys!

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