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Touhou Review: TH08 Imperishable Night

TH08 Imperishable Night

Oh my, what a long time has passed since the last post. I didn't expect things get helluva hectic in the 2nd week of the semester. Not only that, I got some issues on playing the game with windows 10 (also recording as well). Here goes.

Like I said in previous post, Touhou 8 was released before Touhou 7.5. and this title is supposed to take place after the events with the loli oni Suika. The story is about a night where the moon disappears? I'm not sure but I think that's the gist of the story. The heroines somehow are able to prolong the night as example, Yukari controlling her boundary power (yes, Yukari is a playable character), Sakuya to be able to stop time and so on. And so, the battle to find and stop the culprit starts which later ends at a place deep in the forest, inhabited by lunarians and also rabbits. Yep. Later, during  another full moon (I guess?), Kaguya (the final boss) will asks the player to go for kimodameshi (trial of guts) in the forest which later turned out to be a battle with an immortal human named Fujiwara no Mokou.

Yuyuko being Yuyuko

The playable characters are quite many because of its new and unique mechanics. For first timers, there will be 4 teams. Yep. Teams. They consists of The Boundary team (Reimu x Yukari), Magic team (Marisa x Alice), Scarlet team (Sakuya x Remilia) and Netherworld team (Youmu x Yuyuko). If I am not mistaken, after clearing the game of the specific team, the player will be able to unlock the solo character for each team, which making the game have up to 12 different choices of who to use with each one of them having their unique passives.

New games, new mechanics. This games has human - youkai  percentage since all pairings consists of a human and a youkai. 100% human will be activated if the player does not use shift for focused movement which grants time orb upon shooting down enemies. 100% youkai will be activated otherwise and grants time orb upon grazing bullets and killing enemies that has familiars. Note that Youmu is half human and half youkai so she will only require 50% from each side. Time orbs will be collected to enable every stage's last spell and also has a minimum value for each stage. By having the time orb higher than the minimum point, it will also shortens the time taken to clear the stage. Speaking about time, the player will have to complete the whole game within  12am until 5 am (in-game time of course). losing all lives does not necessarily means game over since it will penalize the player for 1 hour upon continuing (still gets bad ending though). Lastly, each character has 2 types of bomb. One is the normal bomb and one is the last word. Last word bomb is where your character was hit and there will be a very short interval for the player to bomb or else, 1 life is lost. Be careful because using last word will consume 2 bomb slots.

For the best playthrough, try to collect all the required time orbs by maintaining your  human-youkai gauge so that it can absorb time orb on shooting enemies and grazing bullets. With this, you can cut down the in-game time and also unlocks more spellcards in the practice spell mode.

The game is pretty huge in terms of the number of normal stages and also game modes so... here is a part of it

Stage 4A

Stage 4B

Stage 6A

Stage 6B (Final boss for True end)

Extra stage. There are multiple safe spots for this game.

There is a new mode in this game which is the spell practice. After completing some requirements, it will unlock a "Last Word" in it which consists of extremely difficult spellcards which is almost unfair. Here is 1 of its spellcards

Bullets, lasers that looks like spiderweb

This game is quite good for the people who is new to touhou because it has variety of characters to choose to fit with the player's style. The bullet density might be high but to be compared with the other games, most bullets are not as fast as the other games. Not to mention that this game has extended time for player to save themselves with a bomb upon hitting a bullet.

Here is the link to the game

That is is for TH08. TH09 might took a while since it has slightly complex gameplay (similar to TH03). See ya

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