Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sunday Without God: Soothing yet full of holes

Hey guys. It's me, the ever elusive, never consistent Wolvenciel. I kinda ran out of things to review so that explain the long break. Well, until another mecha series comes to an end, I'll be reviewing random stuff here and there so look forward to that. This time, it's going to be about The Sunday Without God or Kaminai for short. I didn't actually want to review this show because... well there's a loli in it. However, I later found out that it's not really a loli. Just a 12 year old kid. So that's that.

Kaminai is set in a world where the God is an asshole and just suddenly one ups everyone and left the world alone as he/she/it said that the world had stagnated and he/she/it failed or something. It doesn't matter. The reason he left the world there was REALLY REALLY vague. So anyways as a result, time stops for all the residents in the world and no one can die or give birth anymore. I'll elaborate on that "no one can die" stuff later. The story begins with a girl named Ai who is a self-proclaimed grave keeper living in a remote village in the middle of nowhere (it sounds...a bit off but whatever).

Like every other zombie stories

First of all lets talk about the graphics. Looking at the graphics early on I really thought this was gonna be one of those "fight to the death" animes. I really did. The opening fight scene was really good and there were sparks and wind gusts and shits. And then I decided to google a bit and found out... it was made by MADHOUSE. No wonder. Oh well. Lets just say the anime has that colorful yet lonely palette set to it which really suits the theme well. Let me just say Madhouse did a good job portraying the world in Kaminai. There are also those rainbow-colored orbs that appear when people were buried or when a grave keeper comes along and stuff. I know it would come off as unnecessary but I kind of like them as they look like human souls fluttering around as their bodies were being buried.
Scar. A bit creepy early on

Oh yeah. I did say I was going to explain. So technically in this world people don't die when they are killed (sucks to be you now, EMIYA). They only die when they are buried by a grave keeper. Grave keepers in this world are like machines that goes around the world searching for undead (they actually just stop progressing and their bodies just start to rot and stuff) and bury them like its their second nature. One such example would be the beautiful miss with lavender colored hair, Scar.

Hampnie and Ai

The opening and ending songs also perfectly fits the anime in general. They're actually really nice too and I especially favor animes that actually bother to transition from the end of the anime to the ending song itself. Well... I wouldn't say that I don't have a bias the ending song singer but lets put that off to another time. Anyways, the way they do things for the ending song just gives them a plus point from me. So does the catchy opening song (its not catchy I just like those church-ish kind of songs). So I wouldn't exactly complain about the music in this show.

One of the nice views in Kaminai

The one thing that I would want to point out is the holes in this anime. There are just too much plot holes that needs to be explained. All of them being VERY important stuff. I do think that if you bother to read the light novel you'd be able to find out for yourselves the intricate details of this anime but as for me, I just barely struggle to watch animes and write reviews of them (I haven't even finished my Spice and Wolf novel yet) so I was a bit disappointed in the plot of the story. It... kind of reminded me of Letter Bee. It feels warped, you know. Like there's too many details left out in the anime just to accommodate the fact that its only 12 episodes or something. I know, I know. you can't have everything in life. But still, I'm a bit disappointed.

Matrix stuff right there...

I would say that this anime can be a good one to just pass the time but as one of my friends said, "Even if you didn't watch it, you're not missing out on anything I assure you". It lacks that oh-so-important plot that would make you feel like you're actually following the story of Ai and her travels. It doesn't. However I don't regret watching it because of the awesome tracks that it has and... okay forgive me for saying this but I do think this anime is going to be a favorite for all the lolicons out there. Ai is too damn pure.

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