Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Suisei no Gargantia : You might wanna watch this in HD or something

Hey guys... Wolvenciel here... Uh I kinda did say I was gonna come up with reviews each week but I guess that's kind of a fairy tale for me huh. I know, I know. I'm inconsistent and I always just did reviews of old animes that nobody would want to watch anyways. But hey. At least I'm doing something (Looks at the LN review guy). Here goes Suisei no Gargantia.

Looks like a creepy giant cuttlefish/flower hybrid monster to me though

The story starts off big, showing the endless battle between two different lifeforms; the humans (who have pretty big beam cannons and mechs) and the Hideauze (who for some reason looks really really similar to your average cuttlefish or squids or whatever it is that they call it back at your own countries). It shows that the battle was tipping to the Hideauze's favor and the human soldiers were forced to retreat. Ledo, the main character of this anime was left behind and got swept into a different flow of the man-made wormhole that was used by the humans to retreat (I dunno wormhole or whatever. It was big and swirling. I'm not gonna go into details with this).


So then Ledo had crash landed into the ocean and woke up around six months after just to find out that Chamber (his bad ass machine caliber) and himself on some kind of place foreign to him. And like any sci-fi personnel, he panicked (well not really panic but I don't know) and kinda grabbed a hostage to make sure that the inhabitants would think twice about whether to shoot him or not. The thing about Ledo that's appealing to me is that his viewpoints are all WAY different than what we deem normal even if he's the same as all the other humans in Gargantia (yeah well no use keeping this anyways. Gargantia is the name of the place Ledo got taken into after he crash-landed). Even throughout the anime he still learns bit by bit on the language and tries his best to speak (which is kind of awkward and funny) like the Gargantians do. As the anime progresses he also improves on his views of his own surroundings.

He's not a perv or anything. He just wants the girl to keep talking. Or is he?
Then there's his trustworthy mecha partner, Chamber. I really shouldn't bring my mecha fanboy attitude inside this review but yeah I'm gonna spoil it anyways. This mech talks, scans friend or foe signatures automatically, has like adjustable beams to suit its targets, clean rechargeable energy, predicts stuff, and a whole lot of other features that I think not many other mechs have. It also, at some point has a bit of human-like thinking at the later parts of the anime. Ledo and Chamber both moves the anime forward and gives you that contrast in the thinking of humans and a machine regarding principles, way of living, and a lot of other deep stuff.

Of course, you have the eye candy and the girl who can cheer up/freak out/confuse the soldier that is Ledo, Amy. If you're wondering, yes Amy was the one who got her ass touched by Ledo's gun earlier in the anime. She is one of the reasons Ledo is not that much of a soldier anymore later in the anime and well... Let's just say some of the fan service is on her and its quite the spectacle. I think the "sugoi sugoi sugoi" recording that was on loop and got viral on the net a few years back was from this girl's voice. You'll know what I mean by this when you watch the anime

 I do have to give you some warning though. If for some reason you can't take Urobutcher's style of mind break anime story line, please by all means skip it. But then you have to tell yourself that you have just missed a very wonderful anime physically and mentally (But yeah there's still that mind break that you need to cope with). It has colorful graphics and it focuses a lot on the way we look at things. Overall a nice getaway. This is Wolvenciel, see ya next week.

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