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Touhou Review: TH07 (Perfect Cherry Blossom)

TH07 (Perfect Cherry Blossom)

Here it is, the 7th game of the series and the 2nd game that was platformed on windows. The story now is about Gensokyo having an extended winter even though it is Spring. As usual The heroines went out to find out who is the culprit behind this. There is a new playable character introduced in the game which is  Izayoi Sakuya, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. These girls have their own reasons to find the culprit which later stumble upon a familiar character, Alice Margatroid. Later the heroines were told that the cherry blossoms are being gathered by someone... which they don't know. Somehow, the heroine noticed that even up in the clouds have cherry blossom petals which later on finds the gate to another realm, Hakugyokurou. After entering the realm, there will be a decisive battle with the ones who  is collecting the springs from Gensokyo which is the gardener of Hakugyokurou, Konpaku Youmu. She is a half human, half ghost so her character design looks quite awesome, having a human body with her ghost essence accompanying her. After a decisive battle, The heroine avanced to the point where all the spring was collected and found a youkai cherry blossom tree, Saigyou Ayakashi. Over there, the heroine meet a ghost girl, Saigyouji Yuyuko. She stated that she wanted to revive the tree to make it bloom again where it will release the soul that was trapped within the tree. After the long battle (It is long), she was defeated and the soul trapped from in the tree somehow was released and it happened to be Yuyuko's soul but somehow got defeated as well. 
For the Extra stages (Yes. Stages) the heroines was told that Yuyuko's accomplice was the one that was behind the scenes for weakening the borders, allowing them to take away  the spring from Gensokyo. Her name is Yakumo Yukari, living in the borders of Gensokyo. However, her Familiar, Yakumo Ran, a kitsune will be the one facing the heroine instead of Yukari because she is still in her slumber. That is why this game has 2 extra stages. For the "phantasm stage" it will be the duel between the heroines and Yukari. She is considered as one of the strongest youkai in the series so.... plotwise, it will be one of the greatest battle between humans and youkai.

This game has special mechanics and also adopted mechanics from touhou 5 as well. First is the cherry blossom points. Upon collecting 50000 points, it will activate a barrier where the heroine is invulnerable for a short time. upon hitting a bullet in that state or pressing bob, the barrier will breaks and all bullets in the screen at the moment will be wiped out. However, if the barrier remains untouched until the timer goes out, the player will receive bonus point. Dying will halve the stack points. The mechanics that was brought from the past is  where collecting specific number of blue item piece gives 1Up. Lastly, each heroines have different default bomb counts. Reimu has 3 default bombs, Marisa has 2 while Sakuya has 4 (which also makes Sakuya the most broken one in this game).

Here is the video of the game play (I got 4 videos instead so... ):

Stage 5 Boss Youmu Konpaku. She uses sword as well

Stage 6 Boss. It is quite hard

Extra stage. She is a Kitsunemimi (Fox-eared girl)

Phantasm stage. Honestly, extra is harder

To me, this game reduces the strength of the bombs compared the previous game. Back in Touhou 6, bombing destroys most spell cards. This game, bombing is almost used only to clear bullets since it does not deal that much of the damage to the enemy. Other than that, the game is  not that hard except stage 4 and final stage. Oh yes. clearing the game on easy mode gives you the good ending unlike Touhou 6.

Here is the link to the game

Ok, For the next review might take some time since it is not a damaku game but a 2d fighting game. It might take 2 weeks so stay tuned. see ya!

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